Mar 12

TASM Test Case Will Pave Way for Pilot Program for ALL Texans to Fight Back Against Smart Meters

East Texas Residents, Kevin and Monica, have been communicating with TASM (Texans Against Smart Meters) since January of this year.  They have been laying the groundwork as our test case for a pilot program to be rolled out later this year by TASM so that all Texans who do not wish to have these smart meters will have a method and means to do so.  We are eagerly awaiting the outcome of their smart meter battle.  They are true activists and the following words tell their story!

“Smart meter articles have graced my computer screen and a sense of “phew, at least we don’t have to worry about those things” always came to mind after reading them.

Then one morning, gazing out into our backyard, a smart meter attached to our house caught my eye, bringing immediate shock to my brain. How could this happen? I did not receive any notice in the monthly energy bill; no letter, nothing. The smart meter just appeared.

The next day, Monica (my wife) and I researched ways to protect ourselves from being spied upon and forced to have unwanted radiation spewed into our home. In that effort to defend our safety, health, and privacy we sent SWEPCO/AEP (the power company) a demand notice giving them 30 days to remove the smart meter, and replace it with a safe analog meter.

The same day SWEPCO/AEP received the notice they sent a young man to our home attempting to calm the crazy people. To them, obviously we were crazy and needed to be fed the company’s talking points of how safe, secure, efficient, blah blah blah, and how they do not retain or gather personal information. After I escorted the robot to the door, he let me know that they will not change the meter and if we do so, then the power to our house will be cut off.

30 days expired and our default notice was immediately sent. To summarize the default notice, it made clear that we have never and do not ever intend to steal power, reminding them we had never been late paying our bill, among many other legalities, including informing them that a licensed electrician was going to replace our meter.

We sent the electric monopoly their meter back. Several days later my wife called explaining that SWEPCO/AEP had cut the power to our house without any formal notification. When I arrived home, the normal site of our well-lit 1895 Victorian home off the small town square of Marshall, Texas, was dark. The darkness appeared to be a hole in the town inviting any thug, thief, vandal, or the like to come on in. There is nobody home here and certainly no operating alarm system.

Today was the first full day of no electricity, which means no hot water, our food will ruin in the freezers, and now the lack of light invites malcontents. All this evil occurred because we simply wished to protect ourselves from unwarranted and unlawful meters.

The local officials in government talked to the monopoly and their talking points worked well. The Mayor said, “Well Kevin, they said the meters aren’t smart meters and they’re safe.” So that’s the end of the help from the government here in happy roll over sleepy town Marshall, Texas, zombie land.

After sending the government the manufacturer’s website, which details how these meters are of the smart variety, the local government said I should get legal council because they just can’t do anything.

These officials can ticket me, fine me for all sorts of reasons, give monopolies permission to radiate and invade my privacy. However, they can’t, rather will not, re-enforce a citizens right to protect him/herself by opting out of having a dangerous spy attached to the citizen’s home.

So for now, we wait on unreturned phone calls from every politician including Ted Cruz. Although US Senator John Cornyn’s office actually answered the phone telling me bluntly, “Our office can’t get involved with anything like this. This matter is of a personal nature between a private person and another business. Unfortunately we can’t help.”  I think my tone was less than polite when I responded with something not suited for repeating even in this article.

Luckily we have wonderful family that has taken us in like wet puppies out of the cold. We will, however, fight and fight hard for our right, and our neighbor’s rights, to opt out of being forced to accept these meters invading us. Please wish us luck friends, into the breach we go again. And good luck all of you!”


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Mar 03

URGENT: Action Needed! Attend Your Local Precinct Conventions

Please be a part of the process and attend your precinct conventions.  Many of the conventions around the state are March 4th after the polls close.  This is the time that your voice matters in shaping what is on your party’s platform.  We have a SMART METERS RESOLUTION that you can present at your local convention.  Please make six copies and take them with you to your local precinct convention.  If you are not sure where these are, contact your local County Chairperson or precinct chairperson.  Also, attend your resolutions committee at your County and or Senatorial convention.  It is important to make sure the process is transparent and you have your resolution advance to the state convention.  .

There are more resolutions that you may want to consider at


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Feb 22

Take immediate action: Requirement for transmitters in cars

Please see the below information and make comments ASAP!
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 13:22:41 -0600
Subject: Take immediate action: Requirement for transmitters in cars

The National Highway Trafic Safety Administration is in the process of finalizing its 2014 – 2018 Strategic plan and because of that is taking comments for the next 2 days! 
Please take the time to formulate a brief comment about the dangers of automating vehicles using wireless technology due to increased exposure to RF radiation – a possible carcinogen, impaired driving abilities, and let us not forget to mention what an access restricting move this would be – totally in violation of the ADA.  
It has gotten hard enough for many people to leave their homes, but each vehicle having a transmitter would make it almost impossible, especially if they were unable to get a vehicle without a transmitter themselves.  I have been unable to find a more formal way to make a comment on this upcoming policy.  I think it is important for them to hear what a bad bad idea this is from the standpoint of public health and safety.  Hopefully this will not be the only chance to do so.
Here is the statement soliciting public comment, which leaves us a great opportunity for commenting on putting transmitters in every car, or even any car – “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently finalizing its 2014-2018 strategic plan, and announces that it will hold a public listening session to solicit public comment on emerging or potential traffic safety problems and solutions. Public feedback will assist the agency in preparing to meet the challenges it faces in the next 5 years on improving motor vehicle and traffic safety in the United States. This notice invites comments, suggestions and recommendations from all individuals and organizations that have an interest in motor vehicle and highway safety, consumer programs (e.g., fuel economy, vehicle theft, odometer fraud, tire performance) administered by the agency, and/or other NHTSA activities. NHTSA will give a brief overview of the plan, and then interested organizations will be provided 10 minutes to present comments to the agency. Alternately, organizations and individuals may provide comments to the docket.” (
Written comments must be submitted by February 24, 2014 at!submitComment;D=NHTSA-2014-0014-0001 Docket Info
Docket Number
Docket Name
NHTSA’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan – Public Listening Session and Request for Comments
Please read the excellent blogs and the policy statement at the links below for background information.

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Feb 14

Overview of Dewhurst Meeting with TASM Regarding Smart Meters

On February 6, 2014, at the request of Texans Against Smart Meters (TASMs), the Lt. Governor called an information gathering meeting with his staff and four Texas Public Utility Directors.   This hearing resulted in a second interim charge being called. 

There were several purposes for asking that the meeting be called:

  1. To present a line-by-line rebuttal of the December, 2012 PUC commissioned report written by Alan Rivaldo and funded by the Department of Energy with a $3 million grant.
  2. To determine the impact of the erroneous and outdated Rivaldo report that has now been spread  all over the United States, Canada and British Columbia.
  3. To discuss the disputed health issues in the Rivaldo report.
  4. To discuss the on-going “punish me” outrageous tariffs being asked for by the utility companies, which we all know are totally illegal due to the NON-mandated legislation.
  5. To discuss the coming opt outs:  When they commence and the reason that Texans Against Smart Meters oppose.
  6. To request an immediate moratorium and independent study as per the mission statement of Texans Against Smart Meters.

Recap of what Texans Against Smart Meters was able to accomplish:

Educate the Lt. Governor and the four PUC Executive Directors regarding most recent medical data regarding the negative health effects of smart meters and how it contradicts the Rivaldo report using:

  1. Two-minute segment of the live blood analysis research shown in “Take Back Your Power” Documentary.
  2. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s October, 2013 Report which recommends a moratorium on Smart Meters.
  3. Testimony from several people regarding strange incidents since installation of smart meters, either on their home or all around them.  Some other cases were shared, such as an urgent case of a person with a wound that will not heal since moving into a home fitted with a smart meter.  Report and pictures will be presented on the upcoming follow-up visit with the Lt. Governor.

Educate the Lt. Governor and PUC Executive Directors regarding the Opt Out Program that Austin Energy rolled out to one million users in November, 2013.

  1. It was recommended the state Opt Out Program fees NOT be passed on to consumers.
  2. If an Opt Out fee is put into place, it is recommended the PUC not exceed Austin’s cost structure ($75 initiation fee, and $10 monthly fee). 

The Lt. Governor stated that he was releasing a statement that he had appointed an “overseeing” of the procedures as well as the fees being addressed, which I am glad to report has resulted in Center Point’s offering a settlement the day after our meeting.

A CD with multiple documents and letters, as well as a copy of the DVD, “Take Back Your Power,” which just last week won Top Transformational Film for 2013, were presented to the Lt.  Governor.  One of the PUCT directors requested a copy of the DVD, which was given to him also.

Texans Against Smart Meters is appreciative to the Lt. Governor for his openness, transparency and genuine concern for the health and well-being of the people of Texas.  I watched as he intently listened to the facts and challenges that day, and I saw a genuine concern about getting to the bottom of the health issues.   He stated, “I do not want to keep having to revisit this issue of possible health issues.  I have already called an interim charge to address this in 2012.  I don’t know if these meters are causing these symptoms, but we need to find out.” 

The Lt. Governor did, in fact, call an interim charge in September, 2012 at the request of Texans Against Smart Meters that resulted in a Senate hearing chaired by Senator John Carona two weeks later.  There was also a request by David Simpson to Joe Straus, Speaker of the House, which as usual was totally ignored.  I know for a fact that Lt. Governor Dewhurst has also visited with the PUCT numerous times since the 2011 onset of my networking with him on this matter. 

Now keep in mind that although Mr. Dewhurst is a business owner, is all over Texas weekly with his re-election campaign, as well as being a husband and father, he is still doing his job as Lt. Governor of Texas.   I know for a fact that many of the legislators that are campaigning have put their election first and do not seem to have the time to meet regarding issues of concern such as this one.

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Feb 07

Briefing with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst

Lest there be any doubts:    This means “Smart Meters”:
Business & Commerce: METERING INFRASTRUCTURE. Lt. Governor Dewhurst asked the committee to monitor the implementation of advanced metering infrastructure to ensure minimization of utility customer costs. He also instructed the committee to analyze developments and make recommendations regarding the health effects and privacy implications of the advanced metering infrastructure.
TASMs had a very productive meeting with the Lt Gov & Texas PUC yesterday.  Stay tuned for a report coming soon!
Patriot Shar

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Feb 03

Meeting with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst February 6, 2014

Dear Patriot Shar,
I would like to invite you and designated representatives from Texans Against Smart Meters to a meeting at the Capitol on February 6, 2014.  The meeting will be held from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Ramsey Room, located on the second floor of the Capitol’s east wing.  Representatives from the Public Utilities Commission will be invited as well.    An agenda for the discussion is attached.
David Dewhurst

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Feb 03


By:  Justin and Elizabeth Padgett


The 2005 and 2007 Energy Bills were written to promote the smart grid and smart grid technologies, but they did not include any federal mandate for a wireless smart meter adoption and did not include any requirement that smart meters, wireless or wired, should be forced on all consumers.[i]

No one can be forced to comply with an unrevealed contract between private corporations to which you were never a party and had no knowledge about.

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 shifted tax liabilities from corporations who were already making record profits, onto the public.

Under PURPA[ii] (Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act) utility companies which were qualified under federal standards were able to recover from ratepayers any capital, operating expenditures or other costs of the smart grid investment, including a reasonable rate-of-return.  Utilities were also allowed to recover remaining book value of obsolete equipment such as analogue meters.  This bill is actually a huge tax bill forcing the public to pick up the costs of 100 percent of the smart meters and smart grid with a profit margin written into it.  This is being sold as carbon reduction, energy efficiency, energy conservation, while all the time customers are being subjected to data mining, unwarranted surveillance, and health hazards.  These taxes are applied to energy bills in different ways but will never reduce consumption or make more energy sources efficient or secure.  It has been stated by various experts that the smart grid is 100 percent vulnerable to hacking.

Presently there is a 4 billion dollar tax/bailout being proposed by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas for huge energy companies who have not recouped their guaranteed profits.

If the DOE (Department of Energy) has no lawful authority in regards to implementation of PURPA, why is it involving itself in funding reports such as the Alan Rivaldo report for the Texas Public Utilities Commission?[iii]

Under PURPA, states must consider standards to the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978, but this does not mean that the states must comply as there is no law to force compliance of the states.[iv]


In 2005, the legislature passed HB 2129, encouraging the adoption of digital meter technology throughout Texas.[v]

Two years later, HB 3693 was passed stating that net metering and advanced meter data networks be deployed as rapidly as possible to better manage energy use and control cost.[vi] 

Nowhere in this bill are electric utilities required to mandate smart meters.  In fact, Chairman Donna Nelson appeared before the Science, Space, and Technology Committee in the United States House of Representatives in September of 2011 and stated, “the state legislature encouraged deployment but did not mandate it.”[vii] 


At a time when America teetered on the brink of financial collapse as a result of a corrupted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Wall Street and corporate bankers, our leaders chose to use this time of crisis to finance a gigantic assault on the public which would further a police state while catering to and enriching corporations, political donors, Public Private Partnerships, and themselves.

Congress freely packed the Commerce Department and Department of Energy with billions of bailout dollars under the guise of the Economic Stabilization Act and the Stimulus 2009 package to obtain access to individual states in the form of grants.

This allowed the DOE and other unlawfully created federal agencies to divvy out these grants to PPPs, corporations, government agencies, “stakeholders” and other political donors because the “council of governors” jumped on board with the thought of free cash to their cronies.  This put every taxpayer on the hook by forcing them to subsidize the capital investment and expansion of privately owned utilities, in addition to guaranteeing profits to these companies that were funded by the bailout and stimulus bills in the first place.

The Smart Grid is nothing more than a huge tax on the American public, charging consumers time of day prices in 15 minute increments.  This grid cannot and does not bring more efficient use of energy, and it never was meant to.  The intent of the grid is to move the energy market toward a capacity market which guarantees profits for years to come for the fat cats on Wall Street and their political cronies, and it is meant to gouge you, the American taxpayer.

This isn’t about conservation of energy or any of the other environmental platitudes that are put out as propaganda to foist these deadly meters on an unsuspecting public.  It is simply a ploy to unlawfully spy on private citizens while extorting the public for corporate profits and political hacks.

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Jan 30

APS Caught Lying About Intensity of Their “Smart Meters”


Published on Jan 30, 2014

APS is lying about the intensity of their “smart” meter transmissions.

In their “Myth vs Fact” sheet (here:… ), APS claims their “smart” meters transmit microwaves at a strength of .0009 milliwatts per centimeter squared at 10 feet away. In my video you will see APS meters transmitting at .00389 milliwatts per centimeter squared. My equipment measures in microwatts per meter squared. The 38,900 microwatts per meter squared that I recorded in the video converts to .00389 milliwatts  per centimeter squared. I suspect that APS uses milliwatts  per centimeter squared because the numbers then seem much smaller and therefore give the impression of being less threatening. In any case, APS is lying — and by 432%. I proved it.

In the video, note also the comparison with cell towers. The APS “smart” meters are 20 times the intensity of being about 30 yards away from some major cell towers.

The same questions I posed in my recent letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in which I exposed Navopache Electric lying about their “smart” meter transmissions apply in this instance as well. Most importantly, “If APS is lying intentionally, one must ask why. If APS is lying unintentionally then isn’t the public being placed at risk by a monopoly utility so inept that they do not even understand the technology they are using?” [letter here:]

Over the last two and a half years I have caught APS lying about almost all other aspects of their “smart” meters and the ACC has done nothing. For example, the lies told in APS’s extortion fee request for those ratepayers who refuse a ‘smart” meter are almost too numerous to count. In that request APS is so completely dishonest they even sliced and diced a quote from a 2007 ACC decision to make the quote suit their purpose. [letter here:]

One can only wonder if APS is given a free pass to lie and deceive the public because of the money APS funneled (and lied about) to the election campaigns of ACC commissioners Bob Burns, Susan Smith and Bob Stump. []

The Arizona Republic also caught APS lying about the funding of APS’s solar net metering negative advertising campaign. []. The ACC’s response was to reward the liars with a new fee from solar customers!

Commissioner Bob Burns asked the players involved in the solar net metering issue, including APS, for information about their advertising spending amounts. But no one he asked was under oath. Imagine — he must have expected serial liars to suddenly volunteer the truth. In my opinion, Burns’ “investigation” was strictly for show.
And just like at previous ACC “smart” meter meetings, no one was under oath at the recent solar net metering meeting. Without formal hearings in which companies are under oath, companies can — and have — lied with impunity.

The ACC’s lackadaisical and negligent approach to regulating is such an established pattern — especially when APS is involved — that I no longer see it as inadvertent. The ACC’s indifference to the repeated lying of utilities has become routine. I now see the ACC as complicit in those lies, and as willing accomplices in fraud.

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Jan 22

Mark Your Calendars for February 6th, 2014: TASM Rebuts The PUC Report

Texans Against Smart Meters has been working closely with Lt. Governor Dewhurst in regards to the Texas Public Utilities Commission report by Alan Rivaldo because we believe it is filled with inaccuracies which need to be addressed.  The meeting will be held on February 6, 2014 at 12:30 PM.  The room is to be determined at a later date so please stay tuned to the website for more details.  We are hopeful that this report will be officially retracted and nullified in some manner.  Mark your calendars and come join us in Austin if you can.  This meeting will be open to the public but not open for the public to testify.  The only testimony will be heard by Texans Against Smart Meters and the PUC reps.  Please join us if  you can but if you cannot make it don’t worry about it as we do not want you to expend your time and money unnecessarily.  We want you to know we continue to fight for the truth and we will represent the public as best we can!

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Jan 22

Panel Discussion with Dr. Peter Goldberg, Sharon Weinstein and Curtis Bennett

Agenda- 1-23- 2014-Guests- Panel Discussion with Dr. Peter Goldberg, Sharon Weinstein and Curtis Bennett

If you have listened to our EMF Harm conferences the past few weeks, you heard from three content experts- those who have lived the challenge, helped others to overcome the damages, and who are pioneers for the future – yours and mine!. Now, we bring Curtis Bennett, Dr. Peter Goldberg and Sharon Weinstein to the platform as we explore what we have learned, what we will do, and the impact that we can make!

On behalf of all my guests, we must stress that the evidence we present today and in all our previous conferences, is based on pure science, with outcomes that are undisputable. The information we present is not a selfish endeavor. We are here to prevent the possibility of extinction, of dire consequences to unsuspecting people of a terrifying, immediate danger currently facing every person, and every flower and quite frankly – our planet.

We must take important steps to create an internal environment that will rebalance and restore a higher level of well being. As electro-magnetic beings, we are always influenced by the spectrum of the environment and our own internal, self generated frequencies. We must learn how to respond to current escalating life damaging frequencies by utilizing life supporting energy technologies and healing therapies. We must learn how to rebalance, restore and strengthen our bodies at the energetic and physical levels. We must take steps to advance our knowledge, and destroy ignorance, before ignorance destroys us.

Again, Dr. Peter Goldberg is an Energy Medicine practitioner and consultant inSarasota, Florida, specializing in the treatment of Sports Injuries, chronic pain and EHS patients. Contact Dr. Goldberg’s office via email only at: – On Facebook, please see Dr. Peter Goldberg’s Energy Medicine Newsletter – and Dr. Goldberg’s website is:

Sharon M. Weinstein is founder of the Integrative Health Forum ( ) and the Global Education Development Institute ( ). Sharon earned her spot as the go-to professional for education, resources, and training. From a core group of 12, she built the IHF into a global network of thousands. She is author of Plumer’s Principles and Practice of Infusion Therapy. Her email is:

Curtis Bennett , is a Chief Science Officer, Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician, an Engineering Technologist and Adjunct Faculty for IHF and GEDI. He has a 33 year advanced Thermography background and is a foremost authority on applying infrared technologies at the molecular level. His website is His email is .

Welcome to Inter-Occupy’s continuing conferences on electromagnetic radiation including microwave radiation dangers. We have been getting educated on how this hazardous radiation affects people, animals, insects and plants, and how these harmful effects increase over time.

Breaking news items: If anyone has any breaking news, please press #1.

Our Hotlines and conferences are growing. We need funding to keep them going. Please make a donation. The home page at , and on the Hub page (occupyemfharm, at ), has a donation button.

Please refer to our website at Inter-occupy, or at our alternative website to get the link to get a call in number for future calls.

Please note our Hotline number is; 1-800-967-3070 . If you have any Breaking news to share, please use . Our specialists and activists have access to this Hotline and will respond directly to your immediate concerns. Also here is our new website, which will list all the upcoming calls and agendas; . Please spread the word. See you next time

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