May 09

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Texas Senators: Oncor is Not Telling the Truth and They Are Using Industry and Business AGAINST the Citizens!!!

Texas Senators:

Oncor is not telling the truth and they are using their employees and the Chamber of Commerce to pit INDUSTRY AND BUSINESS AGAINST CITIZENS! THIS IS SO WRONG! Read the emails below and see how they are doing this.

Mr. ……,

I received this email from the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce.  I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce but I do not approve that  this was sent to the chamber members. I want you to see this email.  I called the Chamber this morning and found out that Buddy Bridges in on the board for the chamber and works for Oncor.

Please notice the statement at the bottom; advising members to call

the senator and VOTE NO on SB241.




Principal Broker



——– Original Message ——–
Subject: ACTION REQUIRED: Oncor-SB241, Smart Meters
From: Admin For e-mail <info@grandprairiechamber.org>
Date: Wed, May 08, 2013 1:06 pm
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Chamber Members,

Our role as a chamber is to inform and educate the business community of legislative  issues that arise. It is then up to you to determine your position on the issue and let your voice be heard.. 

Oncor, has asked us to send this information to inform the business community about the SB 241 as it relates to advanced meters.

Per Oncor: 

As early as today, we expect that the 31-member Texas Senate will vote on SB 241, which would:

  • Give all customers the ability to opt-out of advanced meters with no charge to them

This would:

  • Unfairly increase the costs for all of our customers by requiring utilities to provide a free opt-out of advanced      meters. 
  • Set a very bad precedence for consumers being able to say no to other pure infrastructure modernization initiatives in other utility areas such as water or gas utility services.
  • Impede the ability of the PUC to complete its ongoing rulemaking that is currently considering these issues

Phone calls to the Austin office of Senator’s representing Grand Prairie would be appreciated by Chamber Members. The main thing to do when calling is to say that you are opposed to SB 241 and verify that you are a constituent of the individual Senator that you are contacting.  Those are the two most important points you can make.  

For phone number/fax/address information for all state senators: http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/Senate/senmem.htm
To view the SB241, Please Click Here

For a customizable draft letter, Please Click Here 

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, vote yes for SB241 to give citizens a voice and choice. Make the utilities pay for the business decision they made to bet the farm on smart meters. Even though the utilities will incur some expense for retrofitting their back office systems to accommodate non-smart meter customers, it will NOT BE BECAUSE OF A METER READER!!! THEY KNOW IT AND WE KNOW IT.  Furthermore, Oncor has plenty of money in their “Rainy Day” fund.  Remember they have been charging us a federal income tax fee and not paying it to the IRS? Oncor spokesman Chris Schein said the money not used for federal taxes is, instead, used to lower operating expenses that ultimately keeps rates down.  (That is $500 million they have collected and are earning tax free interest on!) And don’t forget the $82M that gave out in bonuses last November to 51 executives. This company does not need my money.

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