Mar 23

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Who Is Ready For A Change In Austin?

“Texas House Erupts in Heated Debate Over ‘smart meters’ for Electricity” was an article written in the Dallas Morning News on March 20, 2013.  This article was pretty one-sided and written in favor of the Public Utility Commission, ignoring the growing concerns of a public who never wanted or asked for the installation of smart meters.

Beth Biesel with Eagle Forum commented as follows:

“Of all the irrational and unfounded statements made by many of the legislators about their view of the smart meter deployment, the one that infuriates me the most is their reference to an unnamed “outside influence.” This remark implies that an “inside influence” exists and is welcome, but the “outsider” is not. Have the legislators forgotten that they represent ALL of us, not just some of us? How dare they suggest that they are the gatekeepers to who gets a voice and who doesn’t. In fact, the biggest tragedy to this whole smart meter debate is that “we the people” have been relegated to the anonymous, meaningless title of “stakeholder.” No Name, No Claim. And for smart meters: No Voice, No Choice. Who else is ready for a change in Austin?”

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