Dec 15

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Victim of Oncor Smart Meter Tyrany Reveals the Truth

The following letter was sent to a member of the Texans Against Smart Meter Steering Committee, and it is such a compelling story that it should be spread to every person in Texas and across the nation:

Greetings John:

Thank you so much for Lindsey’s youtube video. It is so very disheartening to hear what this pastor had to say, yet I am thankful for him sharing with all of us.
I apologize for not having enough time yesterday in telling you the rest of my experience with Oncor. Thelma is aware of most of it. We moved to this place almost 5 years ago and there was already an AMS smart meter here, though I was not aware of it’s dangers or anything. We noticed that after a while, my daughter who has heart murmur and I, were just not being very healthy. We just didn’t feel well like we normally would. We thought maybe this was due to the climate change from California to Texas. This went on for sometime, until I got really sick and bed ridden for two weeks and an emergency visit to the Hospital.
Being bed ridden and sick, can actually be a good thing sometimes, as long as it’s not for good! I felt so bad that I cried out to God in my desperation and He heard me. God is always good. I started feeling better little by little after those two terrible weeks, and realized that Gd would be sharing with me many things, some of which I will not go into.
Anyways, the AMS smart meter that was outside, stopped working, which was around the same time I had gotten really sick. I found out when a bill had come and it was the same readings as before. I called Oncor and spoke to a representative, and she asked that I go outside to read the numbers to her. All it had was some error thing and just kept blinking. She set up a day for it to be replaced. 
It was during my few days wait for them to replace it, that I started researching it, not regarding health issues, but because of the possibility of the higher bills and problems this meter might have created for us. Instead I saw LOADS of information about it’s health affects and saw that some of my daughter’s and I were identical to what others were experiencing. The light rashes, the headaches and ear pain, were well know symptoms.
So when the agent came to replace the non-working smart meter, I told him there and then, I did not want him to put anything else back there other than their own analog meter, because their smart meter is making us sick! He was nice, but pretty much told me that lots of other people were complaining as well, but that Oncor would get their way no matter what. He said he had a job to do, he was sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it!
After this, I knew I needed to fins a way of protecting out lives. I found Freedom Takers and their safe analog package and thought this may be the way to stop those at Oncor from harming us with their AMS meter and forcing us to have to pay them for it too! I sent off the notice to Oncor CEO Robert Sheppard. I made sure he knew exactly WHY that meter had to go, and that no presumptions of any meter tampering could be presumed.
Of course the notice was completely ignored, since it seems that the TPUC has given the okay to these companies to terrorize people into compliance and harm their life if must be for the AMS smart meters to be installed. I had back then as I do now, in protecting my families life, so after the time allowed for Oncor to remove their harmful smart meter, and they did nothing, it was removed by a tech and replaced with an Ercot approved analog. Everything and I mean everything, was returned shipped back safely to Oncor, including the correct readings from its newly installed AMS smart meter so they could adjust the account appropriately. 
It only took maybe 3 weeks at the most, before 3 police vehicles came with armed officers with Oncor. Charles Hill, a supervisor for Oncor, had his installers at the pole in the back yard removing the analog and throwing it on the ground, along with the notice “NO SMART METERS ALLOWED”, and they immediately started installing another AMS smart meter, while Charles was busily lecturing me about not touching the meter again, and that I had broken the law, and if I didn’t let them finish what they were doing back there, he would have a an agent climb the pole in the front of the house and pull the electricity. I told him he was the one breaking the law. At that point, he didn’t want to talk at all, and he just turned away and thanked all these large police officers (all men), from helping him, and they left. This was one of the MOST cowardice actions taken by those who pretend to protect, especially women, that I had ever experienced.
This made no sense to me. We ended up covering it with copper foil and I got back to emailing and writing. Here we have Oncor agents, stating that the AMS smart meters is being paid by the customers, yet Oncor is making a claim of ownership over every meter, when it does not pay for them!
How would you to pay monthly for a car, knowing at anytime that If you get in it to drive off, the dealership will come and say it belongs to them and you are guilty of car tampering :- ) If Oncor owns them, then it should pay for them. If Oncor does not pay for them, and the customers are the ones paying for them, then they do not belong to Oncor.
Many don’t understand that Everything in this system was and does exist because of the people and their labor.
WHO’s really the one stealing, lying, and allowed to run amok all over the people?
Anyways, I sent other letters in hopes that these actions were just a mistake. All was ignored. Eventually a HUGE meter tampering fee was added to the following bill that they sent. They KNEW that anybody with any sense of morality between right and wrong, would not in all conscience, agree to being forced into paying such fraudulent charges and fees.
I expressed to Oncor, how terribly wrong this was, only to be ignored. I realized that this form of forced control and greed was Oncor’s agenda. It wasn’t much after they knew we would not pay them anymore, that they flipped the switch! The decided to do it right smack during heat advisories in Texas, during the summer.
We had to wait 5 days before in order to have the money to rent a generator. During this time I emailed until I was blue in the face that the house was terrible hot and that they needed to put the electricity back on…….. they would only budge if we dished out $1100 to them!  To make sure that we would not try and use another electric company, a switch hold was placed on the account, and that stayed there for almost a year before getting bought by a debt collector, who has to this day, did the right thing, and has not bothered at all. They must have read all that was in the file they bought!
Once all this happened, they still sent agents over to find out why they could not get a signal from the AMS meter. It supposedly still gives out a signal even after the electricity is turned off. The Oncor guy was very upset and I asked if he was here to remove the AMS smart meter? he said no, just to find out why they could not get a signal. I told him to leave as he had no business here and he started saying he has the right of way, etc., etc….I told him maybe he would like to explain that to the police. He told me, go ahead, call them, I don’t care. I went inside and came back out with the phone and called………….the two Oncor agents took off walking really fast around the garage and got in their truck and left! That was actually funny to see!  
I emailed Oncor that since they were not going to provide any eletricity for us and they had prevented any electricity from being used by us, then maybe they should start paying a storage fee for their stupid meter? This was when they came and REMOVED their AMS smart meter and cut the wire to the pole on top. Months passed and I eventually wrote private communication letter to the Public Utility Commissioner, and I can’t be sure or not, but not long after that, the switch hold was no more.  
We have tried 4 times to get the electricity connected and because they took off their AMS smart meter, the service Rep for Reliant Energy, said to always put a “NEW” service request because they took off the AMS smart meter. In the hole at this time, is the Ercot approved analog meter. Each time we are denied, it is based on the fact that in order for one to enjoy electricity, there MUST first be installed a AMS smart meter and I do not agree with this, as many are still enjoying their analogs. Charles Hill quote and I have also recorded my conversation with him, is  “Unless you let us remove the foreign meter and install an AMS smart meter in there, you get no electricity!”
Hope this wasn’t too long John. Many blessings to you and thank you kindly!

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