Dec 21

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Are Utility Providers REALLY Seeking to Work With Consumers in Providing an Opt-Out, Or is the Public Being Shafted Again?

Want to Replace Your Smart Meter with an Analog Meter?  If you do not act now, you could be paying up to $400.00 per year PLUS HUGE up-front fees! 

The Power Companies transmit & distribute energy in Texas, since deregulation, and ALL have completed their “compliance filings” (Sept 30th) for approval of revised tariffs for retail delivery service in compliance with the new Commission Substantive Rule 25.133 & revised Commission Substantive Rule 25.214 (“the Compliance Filing”).

“The Compliance Filing ONLY affects those customers that have refused installation of an advanced meter or any other retail customer who requests non-standard metering service”.

This new rule established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas is being referred to by many as the “Opt-Out”.

“The Compliance Filing seeks approval of the following non-refundable, one-time up-front fees, monthly fees & discretionary services fees to be charged for non-standard metering services.”

To find your actual proposed replacement cost take a look at the following chart of utility providers:

What can I do?

Step 1.  Submit this Form and become an intervener by sending 10 copies plus the original as per the instructions on the form into the Texas Public Utilities Commission .  This needs to be in their hands no later than November 22nd, not just postmarked by then which is the first deadline.

Step 2.  Stand up and be counted by writing a letter to submit comments to the PUC.  You must follow these directions EXACTLY in order for your comments to be counted.  Phone calls will not be entered into record, and we must have as many letters on record as possible.  SAMPLE LETTER (PDF, WORD)

You will need to do the following for your comments/letter to count:

  • INCLUDE THE PROJECT NO. FOR YOUR PROVIDER prominently on your letter:
    • AEP Project #41879
    • ONCOR Project #41890
    • TNMP Project #41901
    • Centerpoint Project #41906
  •  Sign and Date
  • ALSO, REQUEST A HEARING so that “WE THE PEOPLE” can present the truth!
  • Send in 16 copies of your letter in ONE envelope via certified mail, with return receipt requested to the PUC below:

Public Utilities Commission of Texas 1701 North Congress Avenue P.O. Box 13326 Austin, TX 78711-3326

We recommend that you keep a copy for your records.

Once you send in your comments, you can see them when they are filed by going to this PUC Filings webpage and entering the Project no. for your provider (TDU) in the search box labeled “Control Number”.  After a few days, check to see if your comments arrived and have been posted.  Please encourage your neighbors & friends to write as well.  Numbers will speak volumes to the PUC. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at justin@texansagainstsmartmeters.com

Step 3.  ONLY AFTER YOU DO THE AFOREMENTIONED, do we recommend putting pressure on some of our elected officials, or those who are running for office.

Go to Who Represents Me and contact your state senators and representatives even though they are not in session.  They need to hear your concerns!

Also Call Governor Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Atty. Gen. Greg Abbot, Fmr. PUC Chairman Barry Smitherman, Senators Dennis Bonnen and John Corona.

The deadline for intervention in is rapidly approaching as soon as November 22, 2013.   GET YOUR LETTERS IN NOW!

Further information may also be obtained by calling the Public Utility Commission of Texas at (512) 936-7120 or (888) 782-8477. Hearing- and speech-impaired individuals with text telephones (TTY) may contact the commission at (512) 936-7136.

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