Jan 31

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The Underlying Evil Behind the Smart Grid

Participation in this smart grid initiative will force Texas onto the national grid and under the control of FERC. We lose our power independence; we lose our state sovereignty; the legislative body is giving away their power and our rights. In fact, this decision did not even begin with the Texas Legislature.

The decision process to invest in the smart grid was a TOP-DOWN pronouncement or edict from the Federal Government, not requested by the citizenry. Even worse than that: the idea came from an entity outside of the US Congress, again, not from the people.

Upon closer inspection you will discover that this smart grid venture is a back door to Cap and Trade policy objectives – again, not only bypassing Congress and State Legislatures, but completely disregarding the people’s voice.  And the messaging tool is that we have an energy crisis.

Sometimes they tell us we have an energy crisis, which is simply a result of a manmade crisis from an out of control EPA and DOE overreach shutting down coal plants and denying over 9 permits in the past 2 years.  On other occasions, Oncor says we have enough power plants and the only supply problem we have is for about 100 hours out of every year, so we’ll just have to learn to turn off our electricity during those 100 hours. Neither of these reasons justify spending tens of billions of federal and state taxpayer dollars to fund an initiative that serves only one purpose: control our energy and control our lives, which is my next point.

This smart grid scheme threatens our privacy and property rights in a number of ways:

  • Burdening utility easementT
  • Trespass
  • Access to our daily lifestyle choices within the confines of our homes

There is a lot of force pushing this initiative, and yet, no cost benefit analysis has been shown – very few people even know how much stimulus money and federal grant money has already been spent on this project. So far, no cost savings has been realized. Fact: consumer energy costs have remained the same or increased; the utilities have failed to deliver on their promise to decrease cost and energy use; that is, unless we “turn off our electricity” which is exactly what they told us we would have to do.

Concerning the meter itself:  the physics just screams for more study, but the request falls on deaf ears. However, radiation is radiation and it affects our health at some level. We need to know what we are exposing ourselves to and we should be able to CHOOSE whether or not to take the risk of negative health effects, and not be forced by the government.

Finally, but not completely, the liability of personal injury (from health effects and property damages, such as fire or interruption of other wireless signals, has not been addressed whatsoever.

Regarding some of the ideas for bills that have been floating around, an opt-out bill that makes me pay for participating in something I didn’t want in the first place, when I had no voice and no choice in the matter, is illegitimate and ill-advised.


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