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Feb 11

Interesting Observations from a Fellow Texan

Below is a really interesting analysis from a fellow Texan.  These measurements are from his home in Austin.   Using a High Frequency Analyzer – measures EMF light in microwatts per meter squared. EU recommends less than 3.0 around humans. Front yard background 0.2 – 0.3 – 0.5 = avg. 0.3 Smart Meter 20 ft. …

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Feb 07

Latest from the 912 Association.

We wanted to post the latest from the 9-12 Association.  They have been involved in the smart meter issue for a very long time in Texas and this is the latest from one of the founders!  They can be found at this website:  http://912membersusa.com.   We The People Are The 9-12 Association, Inc  JOIN The …

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Jan 17

Owners of Townhome Complex Make it Clear They Do NOT Want Smart Meters

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Jan 15

Attn: FCC is Forming a Disability Advisory Committee! Action Requested

PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL ESPECIALLY EHS SUFFERERS . . .The FCC is forming a Disability Advisory Committee. The Committee will “provide advice and recommendations to the Commission on a wide array of disability matters.” Mary Lamielle, the Executive Director of the National Center for Environmental Health Strategies, has applied to be on the committee to …

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Sep 01

Attention All Texans Who Want An Anologue Meter! Please Read.

To: All Texans Subject: The Smart Electric Meter Date: September 1, 2014 This message is for you if you have any interest in having the smart meter on your home removed and replaced with an analog meter. I will provide a little background information for your consideration. The movement for a smart electric grid commenced …

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Aug 05

Seeking Smart Meter / Advanced Meter Hackers!

SEEKING SMART METER / ADVANCED METER HACKERS: Texans Against Smart Meters is looking for persons who have the capability to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of smart meters and smart grid integrative technology.  This should include the following: Data Manipulation Communication Networks Workarounds Privacy related to data harvesting This is for education and demonstration purposes only.  Government …

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Aug 03

Senator Eltife Speaks to the Smart Meter Issue

John Tweedell, Texans Against Smart Meters Steering Committee member addressed Texas Senator Kevin Eltife in an email as follows: Senator we exchanged emails a while back about the issues with the smart meter and you agreed to help me.    The purpose of this message is to transmit the results of the opt-out provision provided …

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Jul 07

What Will It Take For Texans To Realize That Their Rights To Privacy Are At Stake?

We have been warning Texans for years about the threat that the Smart Grid and the Smart Meters (Advanced Meters) present to their freedom and their Constitutional Rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Why are Texans still not listening? Is everyone so comfortable with what the Texas …

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Mar 12

TASM Test Case Will Pave Way for Pilot Program for ALL Texans to Fight Back Against Smart Meters

East Texas Residents, Kevin and Monica, have been communicating with TASM (Texans Against Smart Meters) since January of this year.  They have been laying the groundwork as our test case for a pilot program to be rolled out later this year by TASM so that all Texans who do not wish to have these smart …

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Feb 07

Briefing with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst

Lest there be any doubts:    This means “Smart Meters”: Business & Commerce: METERING INFRASTRUCTURE. Lt. Governor Dewhurst asked the committee to monitor the implementation of advanced metering infrastructure to ensure minimization of utility customer costs. He also instructed the committee to analyze developments and make recommendations regarding the health effects and privacy implications of …

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