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Mar 23

EMF Support/Action Group this Tuesday 3-29-2016 in Dallas!


We are having emf support /action group meetings at our clinic on Tuesday pm at 5:30 to 7pm, 8345 Walnut HIll Lane, Suite 220 , Dallas, TX  75231. We are fragrance-free so please no scents or perfumes.  Join us to stop smart meters, share ideas, increase awareness, and stop global wi fi! Stephanie McCarter, MD

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Nov 20

Video–TX Rep. Doug Miller acts odd when asked about energy company ONCOR or its lobbyist

Check out more videos at American Phoenix Youtube  

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Nov 03

Lights Out. Smart Meters Add Another Layer of Vulnerability!

Less internet dependent equals safer!

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Sep 13

Important Smart Meter Update from 9-12 Association

Ladies  & Gentlemen: Our attorney, Roger Borgelt, who has been representing us in our smart meter fight has been notified by the Third Court of Appeals that they want to hear oral arguments on our smart meter case. Something in Roger’s filing of our case has caught their attention. We are not sure what it …

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May 19

Possible Trojan Analogue Meters?

The following was sent to us from one of our blog followers.  If anyone else is experiencing similar issues after the analogue exchange, please contact us and let us know. “I’m one of a few people that opted out of AMS for an analog in DFW area.  I am experiencing horrible humming, ringing & popping …

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Apr 29

Scientists and Doctors tell Parliament in Canada that Autism and Cancer may be linked to cell phones and Wifi…Texans Need a Hearing!

Scientists and Doctors tell Parliament that Autism and Cancer may be linked to cell phones and Wifi.  If Canada is having hearings in committee regarding this issue, why haven’t we had a hearing regarding smart meters and a no cost opt-out for all Texans.  Why is it that our leaders are failing the citizens of Texas yet …

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Apr 17

The Latest and Hot Off the Press!

Thank you for meeting with us and taking the time to review the numerous egregious issues related to smart meter deployment that warrants committee hearings on bill HB 3421-Dennis Bonnen and SB 1044-Bob Hall.  Attached is the eight page brief we discussed and supporting documentation regarding ongoing investigations in California and recently released emails between CPUC officials and CA utilities.  These emails highlight the …

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Feb 11

Interesting Observations from a Fellow Texan

Below is a really interesting analysis from a fellow Texan.  These measurements are from his home in Austin.   Using a High Frequency Analyzer – measures EMF light in microwatts per meter squared. EU recommends less than 3.0 around humans. Front yard background 0.2 – 0.3 – 0.5 = avg. 0.3 Smart Meter 20 ft. …

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Feb 07

Latest from the 912 Association.

We wanted to post the latest from the 9-12 Association.  They have been involved in the smart meter issue for a very long time in Texas and this is the latest from one of the founders!  They can be found at this website:  http://912membersusa.com.   We The People Are The 9-12 Association, Inc  JOIN The …

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Jan 17

Owners of Townhome Complex Make it Clear They Do NOT Want Smart Meters

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