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Jul 07

What Will It Take For Texans To Realize That Their Rights To Privacy Are At Stake?

We have been warning Texans for years about the threat that the Smart Grid and the Smart Meters (Advanced Meters) present to their freedom and their Constitutional Rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Why are Texans still not listening? Is everyone so comfortable with what the Texas …

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Jan 08


If you care about your family’s health, you must watch this video.  The health risks alone are scary.  The other factors you need to be aware of are fire risks, invasion of privacy, security of the grid, ease of which they can be controlled or damaged to break down our electric system, and many more reasons. Jerry …

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Apr 26

More to the Dark Side of Smart Meters


Just in case you were not aware of the dark side of smart meters and their information gathering capabilities! What is Data Fusion? We live in a digital age with pockets of data accumulated by nearly every entity we touch. Data fusion is the science of combining data from all of these disparate sources in …

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Apr 16

URGENT: Please Make Your Voices Heard!

PUBLIC HEARING ON SMART METER OPT-OUT PROJECT #41111 PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION Travis Building Commissioners Hearing Room (001)  Start: FRIDAY 4/19/2013 11:00 AM Sign in earlier; Carpools available*  End: 4/19/2013 5:00 PM You may leave after your testimony  Public Utility Commission of Texas  1701 N. Congress Ave Austin, Texas PUC has written a rule under Project #41111 to …

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Mar 28

Calling All Freedom Lovers April 9th 8:00 AM

TESTIFY FOR NO CHARGE SMART METER OPT OUT AND NO PERSONAL LIFESTYLE DATA COLLECTED AND MUCH MORE We need to fill the room with citizens willing to speak for 2-3 minutes. Talking points can be provided, speeches can be written, carpools can be provided. This hearing is OUR opportunity to make our voices heard and …

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Mar 22

Keep Calling Your Legislators!

I want to alert you to the statewide opposition to the Smart Meter Network:   Energy cost saving for the consumers, as was promised, have not been realized.   Privacy and security of citizens’ data are dangerously compromised and insufficiently protected.   Loss of Texas’ status as the ONLY remaining electric independent grid in the US is enabled …

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Mar 12

Ordinance and Resolution Pertaining to Smart Meter Passed in Campwood Texas

The City Council of Campwood, TX just passed a city ordinance and resolution banning the installation of smart meters in the city limits.  This is one of the first cities in Texas to do so.  Let’s show outside support by contacting their local government at 830-597-2265!  Let this be one of the first of MANY …

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Mar 08

Audio of the March 7th Smart Meter Briefing in Austin

Beth Biesel of Texas Eagle Forum sponsored a “Smart Meter Briefing” at the Texas capitol for over 70 members of the Texas Legislature and their staff. Representative Ron Simmons of District 65 hosted this event. The members of our expert panel consisted of: Wayne Richard (who also severed as moderator), Russ Ramsland, Ken Emanuelson and …

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Mar 07

Keep the Calls Coming: Talking Points and References

To strengthen our voices of opposition to the smart meter network, we must make the phone calls! Call your own legislators again, and call the members of the House State Affairs Committee and the Senate Business and Commerce Committee. Use these talking points necessary: Problems with the Smart Meter Network: Extreme vulnerabilities in privacy (personal …

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Feb 26

You Think Privacy Isn’t an Issue With Smart Meters?

Well, if Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, cannot make its own computers safe from hackers, what chance does a utility company have of keeping your data private? Microsoft data compromised, raising fears of large-scale hacking campaign READ MORE HERE

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