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Mar 28

Calling All Freedom Lovers April 9th 8:00 AM

TESTIFY FOR NO CHARGE SMART METER OPT OUT AND NO PERSONAL LIFESTYLE DATA COLLECTED AND MUCH MORE We need to fill the room with citizens willing to speak for 2-3 minutes. Talking points can be provided, speeches can be written, carpools can be provided. This hearing is OUR opportunity to make our voices heard and …

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Mar 22

Keep Calling Your Legislators!

I want to alert you to the statewide opposition to the Smart Meter Network:   Energy cost saving for the consumers, as was promised, have not been realized.   Privacy and security of citizens’ data are dangerously compromised and insufficiently protected.   Loss of Texas’ status as the ONLY remaining electric independent grid in the US is enabled …

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Mar 12

Ordinance and Resolution Pertaining to Smart Meter Passed in Campwood Texas

The City Council of Campwood, TX just passed a city ordinance and resolution banning the installation of smart meters in the city limits.  This is one of the first cities in Texas to do so.  Let’s show outside support by contacting their local government at 830-597-2265!  Let this be one of the first of MANY …

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Feb 12

Smart Meter Battle Hits Lubbock

Lubbock residents make news in regards to their fight against smart meters in Lubbock.  For the full story and video visit this website!  Liz Padgett and Burley Owen are calling for a complete moratorium, especially since there is a bill in the senate and a bill in the house in regards to an opt out.  This may not …

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Jan 25

Letter: Smart Meters are NOT What They Appear to Be!

To Whom It May Concern: Smart Meters are not what they appear to be. The utility companies, sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT), claim that the Tariff for Retail Delivery Service gives them the right to install and force Texans to pay for Smart Meters, even if they don’t want them. Besides …

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Dec 19

Health Hazards Linked to Utility Meters

Source of this Posting can be seen here:  http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/health-hazards-linked-to-utility-meters/ ‘Smart’ units blamed for sleep troubles, stress, headaches, heart problems bySteve ElwartEmail | Archive Steve Elwart, P.E., Ph.D., is the executive research analyst with the Koinonia Institute and a subject matter expert for the Department of Homeland Security. He can be contacted at steve.elwart@studycenter.com. Editor’s Note: …

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Dec 14

Protect Yourself From Digital Utility Meters

Do not sucker for costly “Opt-Out” programs. IT’S EXTORTION! Utility companies have blind-sided their customers with digital meters that are harmful, dangerous, invasive and unlawful.

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Oct 02

Update–Senate Committee Takes Up Smart Meter Charge

Press Release From Senator John Corona SENATE COMMITTEE TAKES UP SMART METER CHARGE AUSTIN, TX — Senator John Carona, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce, is adding an interim charge relating to smart meters to the Committee’s October 9 meeting. “There is a lot of concern in the public regarding advanced meters …

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