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Mar 12

Curtis Bennett Cross Examination of and Fortis BC Panel

Curtis Bennett has linked the transcipts for his cross examination of Fortis BC Panel including their expert witnesses for their wireless smart meter application. The cross examination was done in front of and part of the BC Utilities Commission for their application to install this wireless grid. http://www.thermoguy.com/pdfs/Fortis_BC_AMI_Vol_6.pdf It is important to note that BC Hydro was …

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Feb 07

A Smart Meter Opt Out Program Will NOT Address the True Radiation Coverage or the Real Liabilities and Costs to ALL Industries

SB 241 – Smart Meter Opt Out To: Angelica.Cervantes_SC@senate.state.tx.us Wednesday, February 06, 2013 7:23 PM Subject: SB 241 – Smart Meter Opt Out Hello Angie, I appreciate being included in this important process and thank the Senate Committee for addressing a wireless technology forced upon their constituents. My comments and information on this file may …

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Oct 04

Curtis Bennett Expounds Upon Testimony Given Before the PUC in a Letter to Lt. Gov. Dewhurst

Curtis Bennett, the Thermo Guy, expounds upon testimony given before the Public Utility Commission in August.  As seen in this letter to Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst, Mr. Bennett points out that an “opt out” will not be sufficient in regards to health hazards.  Mr. Bennett also discusses the fact that testimony was left out that did not include …

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Sep 24

“Soldiers of Patriotism” Smart Meter Edition

Sunday 16 September. Special Guest – Curtis Bennett and John Marler, are going to discuss why Smart Meters are health concerns about the meters arise from the pulsed radiofrequency(RF) radiation emitted by wireless smart meters. Guest also include: Curtis Bennett (Smart Meter Expert Witness & #1 Consultant for Texans Against Smart Meters) to the call …

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