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Steps to Stopping Installation of Smart Meters

Step One

Send CRRR letters to Electric provider & billing company stating that you do NOT want smart meter & that you are revoking ANY implied permission.  (See “No Consent” and “ Refusal” templates )

Be sure that your property is locked (from the inside is better) & that “NO Trespassing” signs are posted .  (See Example)

Post  “Refuse Smart Meter” or “Do Not Install Smart Meter” Sign & Rep Dennis Bonnen Letter to PUC on meters.  Be sure to NOT block meter reading window. 

Print out copy of the Rep Dennis Bonnen Letter & Legislation & keep handy in case of police called out

 Step Two


Then begin to educate all you come in contact with by sending them there also  

Use the resources !  Print out the flyers & info such as to hand out 1st to your neighbors (walk the neighbor hood & put info on their doors …2nd tell  all you meet about the dangers of these meters.   I talk to folks in the grocery lines & while putting gas in my car. 

Sign up for the webinar with Shar on how to lobby YOUR legislators. 

Join our efforts to educate the Texas legislators by making a commitment to meet with YOUR legislators.  Don’t worry … we will teach ya what to say & do >>> it’s easy.  And after all they are YOUR employees !! 

Step Three

Join the other Patriots in making a stand by attending training & Committee hearings when possible !!

Help us find other volunteers & Experts … become an Expert!

Join our team in FIGHTING this by attending hearings;  doing email, letter, call & fax blitzes with us; join a committee to help with YOUR area of expertise … which we ALL have. 

 ***   Can be found on our  website

F A Q s

If the police are called:

Don’t be aggressive with them … be courteous but firm.  If the tell you that you MUST let them install the meter 1st explain that the are NOT mandated & show them the legislation (with Hi-Lited “suggested”) & the letter from Bonnan explaining that HE wrote the legislation (Trust me they don’t have a clue); if they still persist ask to see the law that says you MUST take one & assure them that IF they can show you where you are breaking the law you will be more than happy to submit.  When they can not show you & they will not tell them that you want the installers to be given a “written criminal trespass warning” until such time as they provide you with LEGAL paperwork.  IF they persist ask for a supervisor … keep going up the chain !!  Always be courteous & respectful but stand your ground.  IF they threaten to arrest you … ask for what & ask what their probable cause is!  POLITELY ask the officer if they are aware that IF they violate your 4th amendment rights by forcing this that you are under the impression that you can & will be forced to file a suit against the officer & that you can take their home, boats, etc

If the installers jump your fence OR cut your locks:

YOU call the police FIRST!   File criminal trespassing OR destruction of private property.  Be sure to get a report made & an incident #.    

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