Nov 11

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Standoff in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Standoff Between Home Owners and Oncor Smart Meter Installers

A Standoff in Sulphur Springs, Texas between a couple and an Oncor Installer, lasting forty-five minutes, tells a story of contention about smart meter installation in Texas and across the nation.  In Sulphur Springs, Oncor, the giant energy company, which is responsible for much of the smart meter installation in Texas, literally tried to use brute force to intimidate the couple into allowing them access to the couple’s property.  Arrogance of the Oncor personnel saying, “the meter ‘will be’ installed”, sounded like the Gestapo.  Right now it is a tenuous situation, but the owners feel they have won a victory with the help of their family doctor.  Ever since Oncor installed the first generation smart meter on the couple’s house in 2005, they have suffered many health issues which their doctor confirms and urges them toward smart meter removal. This is a win for banning smart meters!  We need more brave citizens standing against corporate greed which is moving to control every facet of our lives!  This is just another arm of big brother.  People need to remember that these smart meters are NOT mandated by federal or state governments.  This is a movement by the energy companies to monitor ALL human activity and to commoditize our energy sources to line their pockets and the pockets of politicians that will go along with their schemes.  All you have to do is follow the money trail.

Physician Confirmation of Smart Meter Ill Effects

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