Oct 12

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Smart Meters: The Gateway to Cap and Trade

What I find baffling is how Conservatives have presented themselves as being strongly opposed to Cap and Trade, yet they have allowed this very atrocious act against the American public to be implemented through the installation of smart meters.  If you have a smart meter, you will be a pawn in one of the biggest global scams ever perpetrated against unknowing energy consumers.  Also, I find it puzzling that the very entity entangled in the housing debacle, Fannie Mae, is a co-assignee for a patent for this scam as seen on the following website.  Sold to the public as being an effective way for the consumer to save money and energy, these meters are simply a means of calculating every single human activity performed inside your own home.  No longer is your home a place of sanctity and privacy, it is now open for the whole world to see.

By commoditizing energy and making it tradable at the individual level, we are all subject to social equity objectives set out by the United Nations and the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.  In other words, being able to spread the wealth around and pick winners and losers can be accomplished by the press of a computer key stroke in some bureaucrat’s office in your hometown or even across the globe.

Because there has been slim to no debate regarding how these meters are being utilized, it begs the question of how much our politicians at every level of government are profiting through this scam.  We are finding evidence that this is probably the greatest factor driving the implementation of these freedom-robbing devices.  Stay tuned to our website as we continue to unfold the layers of this global scam through kickbacks to locally elected officials, royalties to utility companies and officials, and massive profits via public-private partnerships.

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