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Quick smart meter introduction.


Curtis Bennett shows with visual aids how our bodies are not compatible with the frequencies being emitted by advanced meters and other objects that are not wired.

26+ years later and here we are, still questioning that this very technology even exits!

DANGER Health compromised Smart Meters ELECTROMAGNETIC already KNOWN.???

Jerry Flynn is a former Captain in the Communications Electronics Engineering Branch of the Royal Canadian Navy. Jerry studied virtually every aspect of wireless radio communications, including radio theory, antenna theory (both transmitting and receiving antennas), the ionosphere and radio propagation, solar storms and solar flares, the electromagnetic frequency spectrum – specializing in the radio frequency spectrum, electromagnetic radiation, cryptography, communications security, radar systems, and satellite systems.

Jerry Flynn’s presentation from Oct 4, 2012 – the National Day of Action – powerfully illustrates the harm which smart meters and pulsed microwave radiation are doing to human beings, and all life.

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