Feb 12

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Smart Meter Battle Hits Lubbock

Lubbock residents make news in regards to their fight against smart meters in Lubbock.  For the full story and video visit this website!  Liz Padgett and Burley Owen are calling for a complete moratorium, especially since there is a bill in the senate and a bill in the house in regards to an opt out.  This may not be enough, however.  We are finding that the cumulative effect of the collectors and routers are not being calculated as to the harmful effects this has on humans.  Privacy, cybersecurity, cost, and the fact that these meters are a gateway to commoditizing energy creating a cap-and-trade model tops Padgett’s concerns according to our own follow-up interview to this story.

Padgett and Owen feel that the government has failed its citizenry in the wireless field.  Enamored of their cellphones, ipad, and iphones, our entire population has fallen into a Radio Frequency trap, and the end result may not reveal itself for several years when it is too late.  Across the board studies are imperative if wireless users are to be protected.  Padgett feels that Lubbock citizens are already overburdened and overtaxed.  “With a billion and a half dollar debt, our city does not need an additional $20 million project which promises little or no effectiveness for the customer or the utility company.  At this time, we need more transparency and open debate before a decision on smart meters is reached.”

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