Aug 03

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Senator Eltife Speaks to the Smart Meter Issue

John Tweedell, Texans Against Smart Meters Steering Committee member addressed Texas Senator Kevin Eltife in an email as follows:

Senator we exchanged emails a while back about the issues with the smart meter and you agreed to help me. 

The purpose of this message is to transmit the results of the opt-out provision provided by the PUC. The OPT-OUT rules permits my provider “ONCOR” to charge me a fee for NOTHING in the form of “keep my existing meter”. This ruling by the PUC outrageous – pay $168.54 for something I already have – results is I get NOTHING.
Then I must pay $26.69 per month for service that has been provided me for 50 years and for which I have been paying in my monthly electric bill – now I must pay twice for the same service – making the determination of how much electricity I have consumed.
The PUC makes a rule that has the effect of LAW. The PUC commissioners are not elected. This results is taxation This is what the Boston Tea Party was all about.
My question is how can we fix this?
I have attached a copy of the OPT-OUT document sent me to be completed by ONCOR.
John Tweedell
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Senator Eltife responded to Mr. Tweedell as follows:
On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 1:16 PM
we need to fix this with legislation next session…i am going to send this to chuck in my austin office and ask him to dig into what the puc did and if we have any angles to fix this before session…i just dont know the answer to that right now other than legislation next session but let me put chuck to work and see what we find out…this is absurd

Editor’s note:  We need to have everyone writing to their senators and legislators asking these same questions!  They are the law makers, NOT the PUC.  These are our employees, so let’s make them work for us and not the  utility companies!  We thank the Senator for responding and look forward to action soon.

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