Dec 06

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Public Hearing: Thursday, December 6 at 5:30 at the Brady Civic Center


Issues cited as cause for Public Hearing with Mayor and City Council of Brady, Texas. The City of Brady:

1. posted an agenda on 10/15 which is believed to have violated Texas Open Meetings Law by not accurately describing the type of technology being considered nor the $2.5+ million of indebtedness to the Citizens of Brady,

2. failed to evaluate the current condition of resident’s home to see if electrical meter boxes and service entries may require upgrades to comply with Electrical Code – 2005 NEC prior to Smart Meters installation. Upgrades would possibly result in home owner’s cost of service from $775 – $1,200,

3. failed to conduct a written technical evaluation of the current electrical metering system to justify the Smart Meter project or provide a list of City employees making the recommendation for this action. The current Landis +Gyr Model MX meters are noted on the manufacturer’s website as having an over 30 year service life,

4. failed to investigate documented safety issues of overheating of meters where meter box and house fires and damage to appliances have been reported, along with the report that on 10/15 the State of Pennsylvania energy company, PECO, dropped their contract with Sensus and will remove 190,000 Sensus Smart Meters,

5. failed to investigate the scientific, peer reviewed reports regarding health issues such as possible interference with pace makers and insulin pumps as well as many reported symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, headaches, seizures, anxiety, leg cramps, heart palpitations and arrhythmias, neuropathy, arthritis, body pain etc.

6. failed to investigate to see if there was any validity of overbilling issues cited by other communities,

7. failed to investigate the privacy issues and potential for unwarranted surveillance of home activities,

8. failed to evaluate the future liability of the City of Brady regarding safety issues of Smart Meters overheating and health issues regarding Smart Meter exposure since the City of Brady have been given notice and cannot plead ignorance,

9. abuse of law in attempt to make the installation of Smart Meters mandatory for electrical service,

10. Mayor Lohn’s signing of the Government Capital Corporation finance agreement on 10/29 after written notice was delivered on 10/18 which cited: 1. notice of public hearings taking place at the Public Utility Commission in Austin, 2. health and safety issues regarding Smart Meters, 3. pending lawsuits regarding Smart Meter usage.

On 11/26/12, Sheila Hemphill contacted an attorney who gave verbal notice of intent to file a temporary restraining order to City attorney Susan Horton to prevent the City of Brady from purchasing Smart Meter technology. An account has been established at Brady National Bank under the name: Sheila Hemphill, Special Account to fund the lawsuit with its associated time, travel, advertising and legal expenses needed to prevent the City from purchasing and installing the Smart Meter technology. Per council, funding of a lawsuit does not require a political action group.

Donations of $20 per household are encouraged. For those who are financially able, a larger donation would help offset those households where $20 is not possible. Volunteers who can make phone calls or walk the streets to inform the public are also needed. Donations from any individual, local or out of area, are needed and appreciated.

Check should be made out to Sheila Hemphill, Special Account and check donations may be given to volunteer.

For cash donations, please personally deliver to: 1413 S. Bridge, Brady, TX 76825.

For questions or to assist please contact Sheila Hemphill at 325-226-3683.

Everyone is encouraged to do what they can to insure that our City Council listens and acts according to the will of

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