Feb 14

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Overview of Dewhurst Meeting with TASM Regarding Smart Meters

On February 6, 2014, at the request of Texans Against Smart Meters (TASMs), the Lt. Governor called an information gathering meeting with his staff and four Texas Public Utility Directors.   This hearing resulted in a second interim charge being called. 

There were several purposes for asking that the meeting be called:

  1. To present a line-by-line rebuttal of the December, 2012 PUC commissioned report written by Alan Rivaldo and funded by the Department of Energy with a $3 million grant.
  2. To determine the impact of the erroneous and outdated Rivaldo report that has now been spread  all over the United States, Canada and British Columbia.
  3. To discuss the disputed health issues in the Rivaldo report.
  4. To discuss the on-going “punish me” outrageous tariffs being asked for by the utility companies, which we all know are totally illegal due to the NON-mandated legislation.
  5. To discuss the coming opt outs:  When they commence and the reason that Texans Against Smart Meters oppose.
  6. To request an immediate moratorium and independent study as per the mission statement of Texans Against Smart Meters.

Recap of what Texans Against Smart Meters was able to accomplish:

Educate the Lt. Governor and the four PUC Executive Directors regarding most recent medical data regarding the negative health effects of smart meters and how it contradicts the Rivaldo report using:

  1. Two-minute segment of the live blood analysis research shown in “Take Back Your Power” Documentary.
  2. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s October, 2013 Report which recommends a moratorium on Smart Meters.
  3. Testimony from several people regarding strange incidents since installation of smart meters, either on their home or all around them.  Some other cases were shared, such as an urgent case of a person with a wound that will not heal since moving into a home fitted with a smart meter.  Report and pictures will be presented on the upcoming follow-up visit with the Lt. Governor.

Educate the Lt. Governor and PUC Executive Directors regarding the Opt Out Program that Austin Energy rolled out to one million users in November, 2013.

  1. It was recommended the state Opt Out Program fees NOT be passed on to consumers.
  2. If an Opt Out fee is put into place, it is recommended the PUC not exceed Austin’s cost structure ($75 initiation fee, and $10 monthly fee). 

The Lt. Governor stated that he was releasing a statement that he had appointed an “overseeing” of the procedures as well as the fees being addressed, which I am glad to report has resulted in Center Point’s offering a settlement the day after our meeting.

A CD with multiple documents and letters, as well as a copy of the DVD, “Take Back Your Power,” which just last week won Top Transformational Film for 2013, were presented to the Lt.  Governor.  One of the PUCT directors requested a copy of the DVD, which was given to him also.

Texans Against Smart Meters is appreciative to the Lt. Governor for his openness, transparency and genuine concern for the health and well-being of the people of Texas.  I watched as he intently listened to the facts and challenges that day, and I saw a genuine concern about getting to the bottom of the health issues.   He stated, “I do not want to keep having to revisit this issue of possible health issues.  I have already called an interim charge to address this in 2012.  I don’t know if these meters are causing these symptoms, but we need to find out.” 

The Lt. Governor did, in fact, call an interim charge in September, 2012 at the request of Texans Against Smart Meters that resulted in a Senate hearing chaired by Senator John Carona two weeks later.  There was also a request by David Simpson to Joe Straus, Speaker of the House, which as usual was totally ignored.  I know for a fact that Lt. Governor Dewhurst has also visited with the PUCT numerous times since the 2011 onset of my networking with him on this matter. 

Now keep in mind that although Mr. Dewhurst is a business owner, is all over Texas weekly with his re-election campaign, as well as being a husband and father, he is still doing his job as Lt. Governor of Texas.   I know for a fact that many of the legislators that are campaigning have put their election first and do not seem to have the time to meet regarding issues of concern such as this one.

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