Jul 02

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Opt Outs and Timelines

Centerpoint Energy’s opt-out is now available and has sent out the opt-out forms to the customers that have sent in their intent to opt-out.  If you have not done this you will not receive the form.  You need to contact Centerpoint Energy at 713-207-3434 to make arrangements and have them send you that form.

Oncor’s Non-Standard Meter tariff will be implemented in mid-July after and a customer will be able to receive non-standard metering service after signing an acknowledgement letter and providing a one-time upfront payment.  A monthly charge will also be billed to you through your Retail Electric Provider.  To request additional information, contact Oncor after July 17th at 1-888-313-6862.

For more information on the tariffs, letters, and up to the date info that is coming out this coming week in regards to the opt-outs, keep an eye out on the 912 Smart Meter Resistance page.

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