Jan 29

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No Voice, No Choice on Smart Meters

Our Smart Meter leaders have run across a problem in their phone conversations with Legislative directors this week. They are finding that the Legislators are asking industry lobbyists and PUC Commissioners what to write in their bills for the consumer opt-out law. They aren’t talking to citizens! Here’s the pattern:

“We The People” spend enormous amounts of time and money getting our candidates elected, then we go home and go back to work (at our day jobs.) Then the industry representatives and the lobbyists and special interest groups come in and run the whole show! Their bills (not ours) are written and the commissions, agencies, and councils (AKA shadow governments) write the rules and regulations.

We The People have NO VOICE, NO CHOICE!” It’s TOP_DOWN, from the OUTSIDE (UN Agenda 21)-IN (state and local), not from the ground (citizens) up. Our elected representatives take an oath to protect their constituents. Instead, they protect the corporate elites whose only concern is the bottom line. This pattern must change.

Call your senator and representatives today and insist that there be a moratorium on installation of smart meters and at a minimum, op-out with no additional charge.

Who Represents Me?


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