Jan 25

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Letter: Smart Meters are NOT What They Appear to Be!

To Whom It May Concern:

Smart Meters are not what they appear to be.

The utility companies, sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT), claim that the Tariff for Retail Delivery Service gives them the right to install and force Texans to pay for Smart Meters, even if they don’t want them. Besides disregarding our Constitutional rights to property rights and privacy, the Smart Meter Network opens the door to Cap and Trade policies while totally bypassing the United States Congress and our own State Legislators. This network allows complete monitoring, controlling, and rationing of our energy consumption.

The utility companies openly state that we “must change our behavior and learn to turn off our electricity” to reduce energy consumption.  We are also told that this the man-made power shortage “occurs only 100 hours per year” spread out over 60 million people.  Why are we spending so much money for only a four day supply shortfall?

Furthermore, no cost/benefit analysis has been shown nor has anyone seen how much taxpayer money has already been spent on this project. The Smart Meter Network was sold to our legislators under the guise of saving the consumer money, but it has failed to do that.  Smart Meters are not about cutting the cost of electricity, they are about government control of our personal lives and taking more of our hard earned money.

While the PUCT says the meters are completely safe, no independent, long-term health studies have been conducted.  On the contrary, more and more studies continue to surface suggesting significant health hazards related to these electromagnetic frequencies.  The utility companies  continue to charge full steam ahead with little input from the Texas Legislature and even less from “We The People.”

Worst of all, this Smart Meter Network benefits everyone EXCEPT the citizen, yet we are the ones paying big money for it.  Please place an immediate moratorium on this project until we can get full disclosure of the real price we will ultimately pay if this project goes forward.


Concerned Citizens

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