Jul 14

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Letter: Assurances Needed Regarding Smart Meters


The following article was just published by Lubbock Online.  People are waking up to the problems that these meters are causing and the utility companies and the city councils are installing these blindly not listening to their constituents.  Our legislature has been a complete failure to its citizens this session, so now it is up to the people to revolt and take back their privacy, health, energy sovereignty, and security as long as this is still a republic!


Posted: July 14, 2013 – 12:29am

Before LP&L deploys smart meters, taxpayers should receive the following assurances:

■ Privacy: Guarantee we will not be spied on. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the CIA has used smart meters for this activity.

■ Security: An LP&L spokesman said last October as long as we have analog meters, we are safe from hacking. Do you have in place a county-wide emergency plan to furnish supplemental power when the network/grid is hacked?

■ Cost: The public deserves to know the total cost of these meters, not just the installation fee. National reports say smart meters have increased utility bills, primarily through tiered pricing for time-of-day usage. We deserve a cost/benefit analysis.

■ Health: Utility officials scoff at this aspect, stating smart meters are no worse than a cell phone. They are actually 100 times stronger. The FCC has not updated biological effects of radio frequencies in 20 years. World Health Organization considers EMFs a carcinogen.

■ Energy sovereignty: When we connect to a national grid (FERC), we give up our energy sovereignty and come under the control of Washington D.C.

Smart meters have been forced on millions of people, and yet they ‘re not mandated by state or federal government.

Are smart meters part of the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant which is possibly in the works for downtown Lubbock? Is Lubbock being required to measure its electricity so it qualifies for stimulus money?

The public deserves answers or a total smart meter moratorium.


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