Mar 22

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Keep Calling Your Legislators!

I want to alert you to the statewide opposition to the Smart Meter Network:

  •   Energy cost saving for the consumers, as was promised, have not been realized.
  •   Privacy and security of citizens’ data are dangerously compromised and insufficiently protected.
  •   Loss of Texas’ status as the ONLY remaining electric independent grid in the US is enabled more easily by the smart meter network; Texas’ grid will be merged into the national eastern and western grid network (See “Grid 2030” July 2003 by US DOE).
  • Health risks, known and unknown, lack sufficient study and acknowledgement. (The PUC’s study on health risks was published by a non-engineer and was only a compilation of studies from other government agencies and the EPRI (a utility industry research group).
  • Smart Meter is more than a meter; it is a very powerful, feature rich reprogrammable computer on the side of my house, which presents a large information security “attack surface” where none previously existed.
  •   BILLIONS OF federal grant & stimulus dollars subsidize this initiative and leads to Cap & Trade policies that bypass Congress & the Texas State Legislature and opens up the floodgate of unwanted federal regulatory constraints on power generation, transmission, distribution, storage, and end-use.
  • Examples: smart meter controlled washing machines in Switzerland won’t work at certain times of the day; day time rates in Oregon can reach .50/Kilowatt Hour.


What the 83rd Legislature Can Do



Support House Bill #1171, House Bill #3590, Senate Bill #241 and/or:

1.   NO COST opt out and retro-removal.

2.   Data Collection and Transmissions:

  • For Opt Outs: NO data collected by the TDUs or the Retail Electric Providers except kilowatts per hour, transmitted once per month.
  • For Smart Meters: NO data collected by the TDUs or the Retail Electric Providers except kilowatts per hour unless otherwise agreed to by the customer.

3.  Liability assigned to TDU for personal injury and property damage, including intellectual property.

4.  Landline delivery for transmission of KW for opt out customers.

5.  Mass consumer education about potential hazards of smart meters and their networks.

6.  Keep Texas grid independent of national grid and FERC, DOE, EPA regulations.

7.  Amend HB1600, Subchapter D: Do NOT give PUC “cease and desist” authority.

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