Sep 13

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Important Smart Meter Update from 9-12 Association

Ladies  & Gentlemen:
Our attorney, Roger Borgelt, who has been representing us in our smart meter fight has been notified by the Third Court of Appeals that they want to hear oral arguments on our smart meter case. Something in Roger’s filing of our case has caught their attention. We are not sure what it is, we are just glad that it did. This does not mean that we are going to get our hearing; it just means they want to hear more in making a decision on our case.

The case is to be heard on September 24th.  The address is 209 W. 14th St., Room 101, Austin TX 78701. This is the same building as the Texas Supreme Court.  It will start at 9:00 AM and they will hear 3 cases. Our case may be first or our case may be last.  Roger will have 20 minutes to make his case on our behalf, whether first or last, we will be out by 12:00 noon. You are welcome to come and hear Roger’s oral argument. I am not sure what, if any, bearing it would have on the court to have a room full of people who care about the smart meter fight to be there, but I am sure it would not hurt.   I personally will be there, GOD willing and I hope to see many of you there also.

Ok ,now what Thelma always hated the most, asking for MONEY!  We still need money to be able to pay Roger completely for his services on our behalf. In order to pay him in full we are looking for approximately $4000 which should include his expense for Sept. 24th. For those that have contributed over and over again to this case I say Thank you, Thank you. For those that have benefited from this but have yet to contribute I say please help us by contributing now whatever you can to help us pay Roger what he is owed.

Thank you on behalf of, Devvy Kidd, My Wife Thelma Taormina and myself Nick T.

You can send checks to
SMLDF, P.O. Box 840873, Houston, TX. 77284-0873

Please do not try to use Pay Pal as we are no longer using it. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but PayPal  was set up by Thelma, and it had to be closed due to her passing.

Until the next time...

Rants of Aging Old Man
Nick T

God Bless the Great State of Texas, and these United States.

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