Oct 06

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Important Meeting in Austin on October 9th. We Need Your Support!

NOW is your chance to make your voice heard about the smart meters!

Texans Against Smart Meters has requested Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst call for an interim charge into the health risks of these UNTESTED meters!  Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst’s quick response was appreciated; however, the Senate Committee has given us barely a week to prepare for a hearing on them.

This is a Public Hearing, and we need folks to show up to give 2-3 min testimony.  We also need written testimony sent to us for our Leadership to submit on Tues, October 9.

If you can attend, PLEASE do.  We need the committee to know that there is a PUBLIC OUTCRY and outrage that this is being forced on an unsuspecting public.

If you cannot attend, PLEASE send a “signed” scanned doc to texansagainstsmartmeters@mail.com  addressing any health issues that you may be having SINCE installation of the meter.  Also, please indicate whether your electricity bill has gone up.  One of the strongest arguments they make is that this will be a big money saver to the consumer, and we have found that this is not true.  Although the hearing is about health issues, please feel free to address loss of privacy.  Please provide documented facts and proof as it makes our argument more credible.

Lastly, please get this out to all your email contacts and post it to all your social networks.  Send it to EVERYONE you know as this affects every citizen in the state of Texas.

Thanks to all for joining us in this fight for our health, our privacy, and our freedoms.

10 AM start time. Room E1.016, Texas State Capitol Extension, Austin, Tx. (Overflow Room- E1.012)

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