Sep 27

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BREAKING NEWS: Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst Requests Interim Charge on Smart Meters

On August 21, 2012, prior to the Public Utility Commission forum on smart meters, the steering committee for Texans Against Smart Meters met with Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst and two of his staff members to give a presentation packet of documented evidence regarding health problems, fire hazards, and privacy issues surrounding smart meters.

The steering committee also requested from the Lieutenant Governor that an interim charge regarding an immediate moratorium and independent study into these meters be made.

We have just received the Letter from the Lieutenant Governor’s Office where he did, in fact, request an interim charge as promised. 

We want to thank Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst for stepping up to the plate on this crucial issue. 

On a side note, David Simpson has also submitted a letter to Speaker of the House Joe Strauss, requesting an interim charge on the House side.  We would like thank Representative David Simpson for this action; however, it is clear that Joe Strauss will not do an interim charge specifically regarding smart meters.  If Joe Strauss addresses smart meters at all, it will likely be buried in another charge unrelated to this most pressing issue.

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