Jan 17

Owners of Townhome Complex Make it Clear They Do NOT Want Smart Meters

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Jan 15

Attn: FCC is Forming a Disability Advisory Committee! Action Requested

PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL ESPECIALLY EHS SUFFERERS . . .The FCC is forming a Disability Advisory Committee. The Committee will “provide advice and recommendations to the Commission on a wide array of disability matters.”

Mary Lamielle, the Executive Director of the National Center for Environmental Health Strategies, has applied to be on the committee to represent the interests of people with environmental disabilities. She has been an advocate for people with chemical and electrical sensitivities for over thirty years.

If you live in the U.S., letters of support for her nomination may be helpful. If you write a letter, say who you are (e.g., you are a person with a disability, or you represent an organization), why our issues are important and need to be included in the makeup of the advisory committee, and that you support Mary’s appointment to the committee. Any letters should be sent quickly.

Any letters in support of Mary’s nomination should be emailed to:
< DAC@fcc.gov>, and cc to: Elaine Gardner < Elaine.Gardner@fcc.gov>.

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Jan 07

Attention CPS Customers Who Would Like To Opt-Out

We have had numerous people contact us wishing to opt-out of the smart meters that are in the CPS service area.  They do provide an opt-out.  There is a one time fee $175.00 for one meter or $250.00 for the two smart meters.  The monthly fee is $20.00 a month for them to come read your meter.  Contact Corix, the subcontractor for CPS, at 844-845-9665 and let them know your intentions to opt-out.  Also call CPS directly at 210-353-2222 to make sure that this is taken care of.

Good luck!

Please let us know how they are doing as far as following through.

Don’t stop here and DEMAND that your legislator sponsors a NO COST opt-out for all Texans.  We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our privacy, security and health via extortion.

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Sep 01

Attention All Texans Who Want An Anologue Meter! Please Read.

To: All Texans

Subject: The Smart Electric Meter

Date: September 1, 2014

This message is for you if you have any interest in having the smart meter on your home removed and replaced with an analog meter.

I will provide a little background information for your consideration.

The movement for a smart electric grid commenced several years ago while we paid no attention to what our representatives were doing. The ultimate goal is to establish one electric grid for the world.

At this time Texas has its own electric grid. The world grid would permit taking electric power from Texas and moving it to China if that is where power was needed. This is the purpose of the world grid.

The Texas legislature passed a bill to start the move toward the world grid. The Governor signed the bill and passed it to the Public Utilities Commission [3 commissioners appointed by the Governor] to enforce. The PUC is the enforcer of utilities laws. In the implantation of the smart grid law the PUC agreed with the electric providers to demand all users have the smart meter whereas the law said users should be encouraged to have the smart meter installed. Herein lays the problem we are faced with today. The PUC [unelected commissioners] have issued a rule with the force of law that demands that all users have the smart meter. A group of citizens have risen up against such tyranny and have succeeded in having the legislature tell the PUC to provide an opt-out for the smart meter. The PUC after many months has published such a rule. However the rule requires the user [customer] pay a large up front [one time] charge and the pay a monthly fee to not have the meter.  I ask you “What do you get for these funds”. My answer is NOTHING. You had the analog meter until the provider changed it and you’ve had you meter read by the provider from the first month of service. So why pay for the reading twice each month?

The PUC issued the opt-out rule without a public hearing the fact is they denied a public hearing request by citizens of Texas.

The citizens group has filed an appeal in court asking the court to force the PUC to hold a public hearing. There are issues that to date the PUC has refused to hear. The public hearing will allow the citizens their day in court.

We encourage you to join us in fighting for our rights. Information on our appeal was written by Thelma Taomina and I placed it below for you to read.

Please plan to attend to help. Please let me know if you can help us.

John Tweedell

Texans Against Smart Meters

Message below is from: Thelma Taormina

On December 2, 2014 an appeal that has been filed with the Travis County Court will be heard.  The complaint filed is regarding a denial by the Public Utility Commission of Texas for a Full Public Hearing on the issue of Advanced Meters (aka Smart Meters).

The appeal is asking for the Judge to order the PUC of TX to order a Full Public Hearing on the “Proposed Rule(s)” initiated by 193 Texans.  The PUC of TX wrongly denied the citizens of TX a full public hearing regarding concerns over the privacy concerns and health issues relating to the smart meters.

At this first court appearance we will be asking the Judge to order the PUC of TX to follow not only the laws in TX, but also the PUC’s own rules as set up by the Commission.

We are asking individuals to please attend this court hearing to impress upon the Judge that it is not only a handful of Texans who are concerned about the smart meters and the issues raised concerning privacy and health.  The more people who attend the hearing will prove to the Judge and all in attendance that Texans are seriously concerned about this issue.

If there is any possibility that you can attend, please show up at  Herman Marion Sweatt, Travis County Courthouse, 1000 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78701 on December 2, 2014 at 2:00 PM.

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Aug 05

Seeking Smart Meter / Advanced Meter Hackers!


Texans Against Smart Meters is looking for persons who have the capability to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of smart meters and smart grid integrative technology.  This should include the following:

  • Data Manipulation
  • Communication Networks
  • Workarounds
  • Privacy related to data harvesting

This is for education and demonstration purposes only.  Government agents need not apply!  If applicant is seeking higher education, scholarship opportunities will be available.  Otherwise applicants can work out a cash reward.

Contact Charles for further information.

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Aug 03

Senator Eltife Speaks to the Smart Meter Issue

John Tweedell, Texans Against Smart Meters Steering Committee member addressed Texas Senator Kevin Eltife in an email as follows:

Senator we exchanged emails a while back about the issues with the smart meter and you agreed to help me. 

The purpose of this message is to transmit the results of the opt-out provision provided by the PUC. The OPT-OUT rules permits my provider “ONCOR” to charge me a fee for NOTHING in the form of “keep my existing meter”. This ruling by the PUC outrageous – pay $168.54 for something I already have – results is I get NOTHING.
Then I must pay $26.69 per month for service that has been provided me for 50 years and for which I have been paying in my monthly electric bill – now I must pay twice for the same service – making the determination of how much electricity I have consumed.
The PUC makes a rule that has the effect of LAW. The PUC commissioners are not elected. This results is taxation This is what the Boston Tea Party was all about.
My question is how can we fix this?
I have attached a copy of the OPT-OUT document sent me to be completed by ONCOR.
John Tweedell
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Senator Eltife responded to Mr. Tweedell as follows:
On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 1:16 PM
we need to fix this with legislation next session…i am going to send this to chuck in my austin office and ask him to dig into what the puc did and if we have any angles to fix this before session…i just dont know the answer to that right now other than legislation next session but let me put chuck to work and see what we find out…this is absurd

Editor’s note:  We need to have everyone writing to their senators and legislators asking these same questions!  They are the law makers, NOT the PUC.  These are our employees, so let’s make them work for us and not the  utility companies!  We thank the Senator for responding and look forward to action soon.

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Jul 07

What Will It Take For Texans To Realize That Their Rights To Privacy Are At Stake?

We have been warning Texans for years about the threat that the Smart Grid and the Smart Meters (Advanced Meters) present to their freedom and their Constitutional Rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Why are Texans still not listening?
Is everyone so comfortable with what the Texas legislature and the various Texas agencies are doing that they actually believe that the bureaucracies have our individual rights protected?  We can attest to the fact that they do not!  While there are a few representatives and senators who are trying to help Texans protect their rights, there are so few of them that without the average Texan’s help and input, they cannot push for our safety and protection.  Every Texan should be EXTREMELY concerned!
We know that discussing or learning about how the Public Utility Commission of Texas works is pretty boring, but it is of utmost importance that every Texan understands what is at stake.  While most people cannot fathom a possibility of any risks to the public’s health from the meters, there is proof that the adverse health effects are real and that many Texans are suffering from those effects!  If you cannot wrap your head around the health issues, there is overwhelming proof that the smart meters are invading your privacy!  Even the Energy Industry is now admitting that our privacy is being invaded and they are telling us that their ability to turn our appliances on and off is happening all the time.  They also admit that hackers can and do hack into our computers via appliances like refrigerators.
Our technology is changing at such a rapid pace that the average consumer cannot keep up with how the new technology infiltrates our homes, our jobs, our towns and cities, and our entire lives.  The time is now for every Texan to stand together against the infringement upon our privacy rights!  Texas is the key to undoing the damage that our current administration has done to the entire country!  Our stand here will affect every American! 

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Jul 02

Opt Outs and Timelines

Centerpoint Energy’s opt-out is now available and has sent out the opt-out forms to the customers that have sent in their intent to opt-out.  If you have not done this you will not receive the form.  You need to contact Centerpoint Energy at 713-207-3434 to make arrangements and have them send you that form.

Oncor’s Non-Standard Meter tariff will be implemented in mid-July after and a customer will be able to receive non-standard metering service after signing an acknowledgement letter and providing a one-time upfront payment.  A monthly charge will also be billed to you through your Retail Electric Provider.  To request additional information, contact Oncor after July 17th at 1-888-313-6862.

For more information on the tariffs, letters, and up to the date info that is coming out this coming week in regards to the opt-outs, keep an eye out on the 912 Smart Meter Resistance page.

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May 12

Search for a Golden Cage

A small but growing number of people claim to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, more commonly known as EHS. The condition causes people to feel sick in the presence of the electromagnetic waves that emanate from virtually all modern electronics.

Anything from a cell phone tower to a wireless router to a refrigerator can trigger feelings of nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and even rashes on the skin, according to the World Health Organization. People who say they suffer from EHS can feel sick merely from the presence of a nearby cell phone.

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Apr 30

Anti-Smart Meter Groups Heading to Washinton to Rally Against Mandatory Smart Grid

Stopsmartgrid.org, the People’s Initiative, and many other anti-smart meter/grid groups are travelling to Washington D. C. June 23-27 to meet with members of Congress in a show of opposition to mandatory smart grid!  Texans Against Smart Meters is requesting that people contact their representatives and senators to open the doors to these activists and hear their story.  If you are interested in assisting the group with setting appointments, please read the whole message below to see how to set appointments and who we will agree to meet with.  Also, if you are interested in travelling to Washington D. C. with the group please let Liz Barris know as we would love to have you and can help you make arrangements for lodging.  The contact info for the trip will be posted at the end of this message:

How This Group Formed

We organized a mass torte lawsuit against the utilities in the state of CA and on May 31st of 2013, served both Edison and PG&E lawsuits for health effects from smart meters/smart grid.  About a month later, PG&E’s Congressional rep., who also happened to be an ex-lobbyist/consultant for PG&E, filed a bill in Congress to make smart grid mandatory in the US, thus placing our lawsuits in potential serious jeopardy. The Telecom Act states that environmental issues cannot be considered regarding placement of cell towers and the FCC says there are no health effects whatsoever from the radiation that wireless devices and infrastructure emit.  So should a bill pass similar to the Telecom Act, we would have very little recourse in terms of fighting this roll out.  I sent out an email asking for help fighting this in Washington and much to my relief, received an overwhelming amount of support from people!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that and we are now ready to take this fight to Washington.

When Are We Going?

Last week in June. 23rd-27th.  I am arriving the Sun. evening before and you might want to do that too if you will be with us on Mon.

Who Are We Wanting to Meet With?

Today we went over on our conference call some of the things that Jim Turner of Swankin-Turner law firm – who will be working with us in DC, went over with me a couple of weeks ago.  Basically, we want to meet with the committees that are funding this program.  These committees are called Appropriations Committees and there are sub-committees within these appropriations committees.  Below are links to both Appropriation Committees on the House and Senate side.  If it just so happens that your personal representative sits on one of these committees, Hallelujah!!  That will give us a better shot at obtaining the meeting! Do not be fooled by names like Agriculture committee or Rural Development…these committees with these benign names have obtained some of the most smart grid/meter funding out of everyone!!  So any Appropriations committee is the right committee for us!!  :)  Chairs of the committees are A#1 first choice, but really anyone on the committee would be great.  Also of course Energy and Commerce Committee, Energy and Power, Telecommunications, all of these and then some!!  The list of committees we should meet with is probably all of them, but with focus on these committees.

Here are links to the Appropriations and Energy committees of the house and senate:

Senate Appropriations

House Appropriations

House Energy & Commerce

Senate Energy

All Committees:  This is a link to ALL the committees on both the House and Senate side.

If you click on the Subcommittee links within those links you will see all the Appropriations committees we should be meeting with.

Also, we should meet with both of your representatives, your congressman/woman and your senator even if they do not happen to sit on an appropriations Committee.  We should also meet with them if they are leaving their post this November as they may be able to help us with referrals and other special things they may not have been so willing to do had they been up for re-election.

Who Do I Book Appointments With?

Ideally we would meet with the congressman/woman or senator themselves.  Second to that would be their Legislative Director or Chief of Staff.  Also good would be their Attorney or even Legislative Aide as sometimes when it’s a really big legislator they have specific aides for specific issues, such as health, etc.  No appointments with interns please!!  It is going to be hard to resist getting an appointment in an office we are trying to get into, but if they are only giving us their intern, we should not take the meeting.  It just means that legislator wants absolutely nothing to do with us and we should try and get them voted out if we can!

What Do I Say to Get the Appointment?

Look at their background…where do their interests lie?  Is there any common ground in what they are naturally involved in or in the groups that they work with or that support them and what we are doing?  If so, this is a good angle to take.  For instance with Dianne Feinstein, she has recently been spied and then lied to about it by the CIA.  So our angle with Feinstein will most definitely be the invasion of privacy issue.  There are other less obvious examples such as what other issues have they worked on maybe something with children or cancer related or something related to fraud, finances or companies ripping people off.  So simply tell them the name of the group you are with, you can say StopSmartGrid.org or you can say the name of your own local group and that you are working in association with us and then say we are organizing a trip to Washington on the issue of smart meters and smart grid and would like to have a meeting with the senator or congresswoman (always aim for the top) to explain what your own personal story or grievance is or the consumer side of smart meters/smart grid and what the problems with this program are.  You can send them a link to our paper if you like…we created it to be used as a tool to help us in these meetings.



Please Try and Book all Senate appointments on Mon. and Tues. and all House appointments Wed., Thurs. and Fri.  The reason for this is the lay of the land.  The buildings are far apart and sometimes we could have 3 minutes between appointments but it will take 10 or 15 minutes to get from the house to the senate, so it just makes logistics easier.  If this strategy proves to be unworkable, we can always take morning appointments in the senate and afternoon in the house or something like that.  But keeping them separated into chunks of meetings on one side or the other is a good idea.  Once you have booked the meeting, please email me saying who we are meeting with, what time and at what address.

Thank you so much for your energies, efforts and support!  Were we even to obtain one thing on our list, this effort will have been a rip roaring success!  And our success may not come immediately, but it will come, of this I am sure.  These are big things we are asking for and there is a lot at stake on both sides of this issue.

In solidarity and with gratitude and to our great success,

Liz Barris




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