Mar 22

Awesome Report Rejecting Smart Meters in MA.

Below is a link to a packet submitted on behalf of NSTAR Electric Company (“NSTAR Electric”), and Western Massachusetts Electric Company (“WMECO”)(collectively, “Northeast Utilities” or the “Companies”) in response to the straw proposal issued by the Department of Public Utilities (the “Department”) in relation to the modernization of the electric distribution grid in Massachusetts via the use of smart meters.

This is by far one of the best rejection of smart meters that we have seen!  It is a lengthy report, but at least please read the highlighted portions.

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Mar 20

Watch Take Back Your Power FREE Online for a Limited Time

Josh del Sol, producer of the multiple award winning documentary, Take Back Your Power, has provided this sharable link so that you can watch Take Back Your Power free online:

          This generous gift is for a limited time only (like a week) so don’t miss out.

The documentary is an expose and covers all aspects of “smart” meters and the “smart” grid,.

The opening scene alone is a must-watch. It’s so over-the-top that some people think it is staged but it is actual footage of real people from a real “smart” meter case at the real Maine Supreme Court.

Enjoy ~ Pass It On ~ and Remember, smart people refuse “smart” meters

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Feb 11

Interesting Observations from a Fellow Texan

Below is a really interesting analysis from a fellow Texan.  These measurements are from his home in Austin.


Using a High Frequency Analyzer – measures EMF light in microwatts per meter squared. EU recommends less than 3.0 around humans.

Front yard background 0.2 – 0.3 – 0.5 = avg. 0.3

Smart Meter 20 ft. from it = 0.3 until regular pulse = Pulse measures from 12 – 16
Smart Meter 6 ft away = Pulse measures from 71 – 164
(vegetation is dead within about 5 ft. of the Smart Meter, perfect semi-circle)
Smart Meter 1 ft away = Pulse measures from 791 – 870
Smart Meter inside wall where meter is = 0.6
Smart Meter inside bedroom wall upstairs of meter = 0.1 – 0.2
Smart Meter inside bedroom other side of house = 0.0 – 0.1

Gas Smart Meter Pulse = 5

Wifi & Cable Modem Units On = 3 ft = 3; 1 ft = 55; Off = 0
Cable Modem On covered in foil w/Apple Wifi unit Off = 1ft = 3.0; 5ft = 1.0; 10ft = 0.2
Desktop computer by itself with ALL computer Wifi settings Off = 0.0
Wifi Mouse On = steady of 2 – 3, just from the Mouse Wifi
Computer Wifi On = 2.4 but surges to +25 every time load a new web page on computer

Smart phone = 0 – 2 background while On
= 2 – 15 when apps are processing
= 10 – 15 when receiving a call
= 25 – 35 when making a call

Microwave Oven in Front of it while running = +2000
5ft to the side while running = 300 – 500
15ft away outside kitchen while running = 25

Using a Stetzer Voltage Noise reader to measure electron movement (dirty electricity) from the Smart Meter measured in volts/sec. Also use Stetzer Filters to dampen this. Both are plugged into the electric sockets. Germany limits this by law to 50 volts/sec. in buildings. Smart Meters can put out 500 volts/sec.

Measured in the house 323 volts/sec. in the sockets being conducted from the Smart Meter. With 1 Stetzer Filter plugged into a wall socket, reduced that 323 down to about 80 volts/sec. A few more Stetzer Filters around the house can get that down some more. 15 to 50 volts/sec. recommended for regular living/sleeping.

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Feb 07

Latest from the 912 Association.

We wanted to post the latest from the 9-12 Association.  They have been involved in the smart meter issue for a very long time in Texas and this is the latest from one of the founders!  They can be found at this website:


We The People Are The 9-12 Association, Inc
 JOIN The 9-12 Association
 Donate Now to the (KIDD) Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund
February 7, 2015

I wanted to let you know that I am still here, alive, and still fighting for our rights!  I am happy to let you know that the cancer has not gotten me yet, and with God’s help, I plan to be here to see the battles we have been fighting together to save the freedom that God gave us through to the end, and by end I mean OUR TOTAL SUCCESS IN DEFEATING OUR ENEMIES!  There is NO DOUBT in my mind that WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS, but the key word is “WE”!

Below you will find updates relating to the numbers of households that opted out from having a smart meter forced upon them.  The numbers are low and disappointing, but when you consider that the only way any Texan knows that they have the right to opt-out is if someone within this circle has shared the information…it is not surprising.  As we all know, Texas is a HUGE state…it is hard for a very few to get the word out to so many millions…but we must double our efforts!

Please work hard to get past the defeatist attitude!  Place a positive thought in your head and SEE the Success at the end of the line…it is there, but you must keep it at the forefront of your mind at all times!  Any little doubt is a seed planted there by our enemy…but as long as we let the weedkiller of belief in, that seed cannot and will not grow!  My father told this to his children constantly: “There is no such word as “can’t”!”  (What he was telling us is that the truth is it is not that you can’t do something, it is that you choose that you WON’T do something)  If we just push past our hesitation of not wanting to do something, we can beat the enemy at their own game!  But, if we just sit back in our comfort zone, nothing will get done.  God does not expect us to just ask Him for something and then sit back to watch for a miracle…He expects some effort from us, along with the belief in Him and that He will ASSIST us in accomplishing our goal…but we MUST DO OUR PART FOR HIM TO DO HIS.  So I ask you, will you do your part…just a little bit more?  I KNOW THAT WE ARE GOING TO BE VICTORIOUS IN THIS FIGHT, I do not just believe it, I KNOW IT!  But I also know that I need all of you helping me bring this to victory, so I am asking, will you help me?

So far the totals for the number of households that have opted out from having a smart meter are as follows:

(Both TCC and TNC Areas)      130

CENTERPOINT                        62

ONCOR                                159

TNMP                                         NO REPORT YET
(TNMP’s Report date is not until sometime in February or March)


As you can see, the total number out of millions of households is absolutely pathetic!
If you are one of our members and/or followers who intended to opt-out but have not done so, WE NEED YOU TO CONTACT YOUR TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION COMPANY AND NOTIFY THEM THAT YOU WANT TO OPT-OUT NOW, AND  GET YOUR SMART METER OFF YOUR PROPERTY!  Every one of you who are holding out, no matter what the reason, are assisting these companies in denying all Texans the right to choose!  PLEASE DO YOUR PART, 351 households hardly proves that there are numbers behind our fight!  Like I said, I really need your help on this!

To see the actual reports for yourself, please  CLICK HERE The link will take you to the new project number (44129) assigned for the reporting requirement on the Texas PUC site.


In addition to needing your help in getting the opt-out numbers up, I need your help with something that will make all the difference in us winning this battle!  This is extremely important, and I know with your help we will be victorious, not only will we win in Texas, but we will save this county and quite honestly this hemisphere from the evil plans that the “progressive one world government elites” have in store for us!

As you all know we must raise money to cover the legal expenses connected to this fight, and you all know that legal fees are not cheap!  But we pulled together and we were able to cover the fees ($40,000.00) involved to reduce the cost of the individual opt-out charges (ugh, we all just hated to spend money on that, didn’t we!?!?!)  But at least we accomplished lowering the fees so that those suffering the most from these horrible devices could get them removed from their homes and businesses…you all should take pride in that!)

So…If we could and did do that, we can and will raise the money needed to win this!

I know it seems that a very few are fighting for, not to mention paying for this fight and that at times it seems unfair because so many in the end will benefit…but isn’t that how it always is…look at those who fought for and won our freedom to begin with!  So few actually joined the fight but without them, we would never have had the free country they gave us, and aren’t we basically fighting for the same principles that the founders of this country fought for? 

I want you to know that  I am not asking for you to keep sending money (though I will not argue with you if you dogrin).  This task is a bit different.  With a little bit of your help, we can make this easier on all of us and accomplish the task of raising the funds we will need to finish this fight by WINNING THIS FIGHT!

Here is what I am planning and what I need your help with.

I am working on holding a “Gala Event”.  This event will be an evening of spending time with those of like mind who are working towards the same goal, along with food, a little fun, door prizes, and speakers.  There will be only a limited amount of tickets sold, and all tickets will be on a first come and first paid basis.  There will be a variety of door prizes, some of them are “one of a kind” items that cannot and will not ever be reproduced!  Once we have a date and location, I will be sending a list of door prizes and the cost of tickets to attend.  The help I need right now on this is not money as I am still working on the details.  I will be sending out another email with ways you can assist us if that is your desire, but for now I just wanted to let you know that I am working on this in order to ease the burden of raising the money needed to cover the legal costs.

For now the main purpose of this email is to let you know that although Nick and I have been quiet for some time now, we are not sitting idly by doing nothing.  We are still very active in this fight, and we do not intend to let you down or leave you hanging…I may have cancer, but I am still very much alive and I am still here working to save this state and this country!  Please hang in there with us!  I promise that as long as God keeps me here on earth, I am still fighting on your behalf and I will be until He decides I have done my job!

We will never be able to thank you all enough for your believing in us and for supporting us!  We appreciate each and every one of you!  Know that in this fight, no one is more important than another and that when we win, it will be because of each of us…it will not be because of any one of us doing more that another!  Without each other, this would never have been possible…we have come a long way and it has been a very long 4 years, but when we are all done, each of us will be able to say we did it TOGETHER!

You will hear from both Nick and I again very soon!  For now, please know that we have not deserted you, and that we are here working in the background, and we KNOW that with your help, WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT!

If you can and you so desire, please donate to the
Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund.  Donations are not tax deductible. 

God Bless & Protect

The Constitution of The United States of America

Thelma A. Taormina


We The People Are The 9-12 Association, Inc

Texas State Rep & Advisory Board for

The National 9/12 Project




Should you wish to donate online, please use the link below.

Donations are not tax deductible

Donations By Mail:
Donations are not tax deductible
Make Check Payable to the Smart Meter Legal Defense Fund and Mail to:
The 9-12 Association
PO Box 840873
Houston, TX  77284-0873

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Jan 17

Owners of Townhome Complex Make it Clear They Do NOT Want Smart Meters

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Jan 15

Attn: FCC is Forming a Disability Advisory Committee! Action Requested

PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL ESPECIALLY EHS SUFFERERS . . .The FCC is forming a Disability Advisory Committee. The Committee will “provide advice and recommendations to the Commission on a wide array of disability matters.”

Mary Lamielle, the Executive Director of the National Center for Environmental Health Strategies, has applied to be on the committee to represent the interests of people with environmental disabilities. She has been an advocate for people with chemical and electrical sensitivities for over thirty years.

If you live in the U.S., letters of support for her nomination may be helpful. If you write a letter, say who you are (e.g., you are a person with a disability, or you represent an organization), why our issues are important and need to be included in the makeup of the advisory committee, and that you support Mary’s appointment to the committee. Any letters should be sent quickly.

Any letters in support of Mary’s nomination should be emailed to:
<>, and cc to: Elaine Gardner <>.

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Jan 07

Attention CPS Customers Who Would Like To Opt-Out

We have had numerous people contact us wishing to opt-out of the smart meters that are in the CPS service area.  They do provide an opt-out.  There is a one time fee $175.00 for one meter or $250.00 for the two smart meters.  The monthly fee is $20.00 a month for them to come read your meter.  Contact Corix, the subcontractor for CPS, at 844-845-9665 and let them know your intentions to opt-out.  Also call CPS directly at 210-353-2222 to make sure that this is taken care of.

UPDATE:  This is not a “true” opt-out option for the customers. People do NOT get to keep their analog meters with this “opt-out” but instead the analog meters are being replaced with OMR meters. It is our understanding these meters are just as dangerous as the smart meters so people are not really “opting out” but swapping one RF meter for another.

Good luck!

Please let us know how they are doing as far as following through.

Don’t stop here and DEMAND that your legislator sponsors a NO COST opt-out for all Texans.  We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our privacy, security and health via extortion.

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Sep 01

Attention All Texans Who Want An Anologue Meter! Please Read.

To: All Texans

Subject: The Smart Electric Meter

Date: September 1, 2014

This message is for you if you have any interest in having the smart meter on your home removed and replaced with an analog meter.

I will provide a little background information for your consideration.

The movement for a smart electric grid commenced several years ago while we paid no attention to what our representatives were doing. The ultimate goal is to establish one electric grid for the world.

At this time Texas has its own electric grid. The world grid would permit taking electric power from Texas and moving it to China if that is where power was needed. This is the purpose of the world grid.

The Texas legislature passed a bill to start the move toward the world grid. The Governor signed the bill and passed it to the Public Utilities Commission [3 commissioners appointed by the Governor] to enforce. The PUC is the enforcer of utilities laws. In the implantation of the smart grid law the PUC agreed with the electric providers to demand all users have the smart meter whereas the law said users should be encouraged to have the smart meter installed. Herein lays the problem we are faced with today. The PUC [unelected commissioners] have issued a rule with the force of law that demands that all users have the smart meter. A group of citizens have risen up against such tyranny and have succeeded in having the legislature tell the PUC to provide an opt-out for the smart meter. The PUC after many months has published such a rule. However the rule requires the user [customer] pay a large up front [one time] charge and the pay a monthly fee to not have the meter.  I ask you “What do you get for these funds”. My answer is NOTHING. You had the analog meter until the provider changed it and you’ve had you meter read by the provider from the first month of service. So why pay for the reading twice each month?

The PUC issued the opt-out rule without a public hearing the fact is they denied a public hearing request by citizens of Texas.

The citizens group has filed an appeal in court asking the court to force the PUC to hold a public hearing. There are issues that to date the PUC has refused to hear. The public hearing will allow the citizens their day in court.

We encourage you to join us in fighting for our rights. Information on our appeal was written by Thelma Taomina and I placed it below for you to read.

Please plan to attend to help. Please let me know if you can help us.

John Tweedell

Texans Against Smart Meters

Message below is from: Thelma Taormina

On December 2, 2014 an appeal that has been filed with the Travis County Court will be heard.  The complaint filed is regarding a denial by the Public Utility Commission of Texas for a Full Public Hearing on the issue of Advanced Meters (aka Smart Meters).

The appeal is asking for the Judge to order the PUC of TX to order a Full Public Hearing on the “Proposed Rule(s)” initiated by 193 Texans.  The PUC of TX wrongly denied the citizens of TX a full public hearing regarding concerns over the privacy concerns and health issues relating to the smart meters.

At this first court appearance we will be asking the Judge to order the PUC of TX to follow not only the laws in TX, but also the PUC’s own rules as set up by the Commission.

We are asking individuals to please attend this court hearing to impress upon the Judge that it is not only a handful of Texans who are concerned about the smart meters and the issues raised concerning privacy and health.  The more people who attend the hearing will prove to the Judge and all in attendance that Texans are seriously concerned about this issue.

If there is any possibility that you can attend, please show up at  Herman Marion Sweatt, Travis County Courthouse, 1000 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78701 on December 2, 2014 at 2:00 PM.

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Aug 05

Seeking Smart Meter / Advanced Meter Hackers!


Texans Against Smart Meters is looking for persons who have the capability to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of smart meters and smart grid integrative technology.  This should include the following:

  • Data Manipulation
  • Communication Networks
  • Workarounds
  • Privacy related to data harvesting

This is for education and demonstration purposes only.  Government agents need not apply!  If applicant is seeking higher education, scholarship opportunities will be available.  Otherwise applicants can work out a cash reward.

Contact Charles for further information.

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Aug 03

Senator Eltife Speaks to the Smart Meter Issue

John Tweedell, Texans Against Smart Meters Steering Committee member addressed Texas Senator Kevin Eltife in an email as follows:

Senator we exchanged emails a while back about the issues with the smart meter and you agreed to help me. 

The purpose of this message is to transmit the results of the opt-out provision provided by the PUC. The OPT-OUT rules permits my provider “ONCOR” to charge me a fee for NOTHING in the form of “keep my existing meter”. This ruling by the PUC outrageous – pay $168.54 for something I already have – results is I get NOTHING.
Then I must pay $26.69 per month for service that has been provided me for 50 years and for which I have been paying in my monthly electric bill – now I must pay twice for the same service – making the determination of how much electricity I have consumed.
The PUC makes a rule that has the effect of LAW. The PUC commissioners are not elected. This results is taxation This is what the Boston Tea Party was all about.
My question is how can we fix this?
I have attached a copy of the OPT-OUT document sent me to be completed by ONCOR.
John Tweedell
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Senator Eltife responded to Mr. Tweedell as follows:
On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 1:16 PM
we need to fix this with legislation next session…i am going to send this to chuck in my austin office and ask him to dig into what the puc did and if we have any angles to fix this before session…i just dont know the answer to that right now other than legislation next session but let me put chuck to work and see what we find out…this is absurd

Editor’s note:  We need to have everyone writing to their senators and legislators asking these same questions!  They are the law makers, NOT the PUC.  These are our employees, so let’s make them work for us and not the  utility companies!  We thank the Senator for responding and look forward to action soon.

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