Mar 08

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Audio of the March 7th Smart Meter Briefing in Austin

Beth Biesel of Texas Eagle Forum sponsored a “Smart Meter Briefing” at the Texas capitol for over 70 members of the Texas Legislature and their staff. Representative Ron Simmons of District 65 hosted this event. The members of our expert panel consisted of: Wayne Richard (who also severed as moderator), Russ Ramsland, Ken Emanuelson and Tom Winnenberg. Each presented their findings regarding the serious concerns about the smart meter network. During the forum serious vulnerabilities in personal privacy, security, intellectual property and health were discussed. The important economic concern as to why citizens should not be penalized financially for opting out was also a key component of the discussion. It is imperative Texas maintain its independence from the national grid for numerous reasons. Texas will find itself vulnerable should the smart meter grid as proposed be implemented. Two bills have been filed regarding the smart meter issue; SB241 and HB1171. These bills are moving through committees and will be fined tuned in the coming weeks. Watch this video to learn the specifics of the smart meter discussion and then consider joining us in Austin when the bills have a public hearing.

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